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I Walk Through Thee

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~I Walk Through Thee~

As I stand here 3 Feet Above the Ground

One Hand to my Chin

My Clothing Soft, and Baggy

Spinning Oh so Slowly

I Ponder the many Mortal Trappings

And External Experiences Thus Far

I Tilt My Head Slightly Upward

Noting The Sun Rise, Then Sun Set in One Broad Sweep

And to the Left, Look how the Moon Does Shine This Night

The Ground Below Me Begins to fill with Water

Deep Blue

Inside My Reflection Below I see a Boy

And Now a Girl… Look how they Play

As I stretch my arms Outward, Snow Begins to Fall

A Sudden Chill Fills the Air

I am Not Alone

I Close My Eyes and Take a Deep Breath…

Deeper Now

A Romping of Thunder Can be heard in the Distance

I think about the Things I’ve been Through

The Pleasures… The Pains

The Highs… The Lows

The Loves… The Loss

Suddenly the Cool Air Turns to Clouds as I Open My Eyes

I am in the Sky

When I move my hands It Feels as though These Clouds are Like Water

There is Resistance to it

I start to spin more Rapidly now

And Fall

Head First

My… Look at all the Stars

And Lights

And Landscapes

How The Colors, and Textures Fill Me

I am Not Alone

As I Rapidly Descend Upon the Earth Below

The Dirt… The Meadows… The Rocks… Earths Glow

I Think of You

I am Not Alone

Darkness Be Gone… I am a Million Shattered Lights

And you are my Kite that Carries me again and again into the Sky

I am on my Bed

Looking at the Ceiling, which is Mirrored

I point at me

You are with me…


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