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Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

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Captain Fire called a Special Meeting with the Crew… And sadly, Jenna didn’t show for it… Until

Suddenly she entered the back of the room, but sat alone. Oddly, she was wearing all black, and she seemed to keep her eyes down.

“Thanks for Coming Crew… Though I am now Clean and Clear with the Federation, they have approached me and the 197, and asked if we’d consider undertaking a “Special Covert Mission” Captain Fire began to explain.

“Jono will be doing “Intel” on this Mission, as he’s had direct contact with the man we’re going afters Boss, and so can not be seen”.







“Which means Mino will be heading up the Mission…” Mino and Jono are both sitting next to Captain Fire, and Mino nods when he says this.

“I know some of you aren’t used to working with Mino, as she is the Second in Command when it comes to Security, but she is Highly Trained, and capable” he finishes.

Captain Fire then nods to Jono, and sits.

Jono stands, and puts a picture of a man on the screen.

“This Man is Named Colonel Otquai… He runs an underground mafia ring, and many people report to him… He is the man that I’ve done some work for in Security, as he has many Enemies, and it was my job to protect him” Jono explains.

“But he is not who we’re after…” he continues.

This is the Man that we’re looking for… A Man Known as “Rain”…”.

“But he reports directly to Colonel Otaqui, so it is too risky for me to be directly involved”.

“Now Rain with the Large Ego that he has, Created an Addictive/Augmentative Substance known as “Blue Rain””.

“Blue Rain is a Powerful Drug which if used by anyone over the Age of 30, will most likely kill them… And so our Users will be fairly young” Jono explains.

“Soon we’ll be arriving at the Atmosphere of Toodlock Thire…“.

“Toodlock Thire is a Hornet’s Nest of Substance Abusers, and Money Launderers, so we’re going to have to be careful”.

“On the mission we will be sending Mino, Nisho and Tamaron…” Jono explains.

“And me” Jenna suddenly speaks from the back of the room.

Jono looks up at her “And Jenna…” he replies.

“Meeting adjourned, further information on the Roles you’ll be playing have been sent to your Private Computer Consoles”.

“Good Luck…” Jono finishes.



PICTURE CREDITS – Captain Harlock, Jono, Mino, Claim A Villain, Sex and Villainy

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