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DarkJade – Remembering (Pearl Jam)

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It’s funny, I was looking for a song by the Beatles on YouTube, “You Have To Hide Your Love Away”, which I have to say is one of my Favorite Beatle Songs now… Though it didn’t make my Beatles Post, but that primarily focused on “Abbey Road”, and it was from the “Help” Album. In locating a Video of the Beatles song, which I really liked, I also saw, and remembered, that Pearl Jam had remade that song. And that got me thinking. In the 90’s, Pearl Jam was my absolute Favorite Band… No doubt. I loved the Cure, and other Bands like Depeche Mode, but Pearl Jam was just awesome. Man could Eddie Vedder sing.

So I thought I’d take you back with me, in Remembering Pearl Jam

“Better Man”

Man did I love that song… Listened to it over, and over, and over again… One of the things I liked about Pearl Jam, was I could actually sing their songs, which faired well for Singing in the Car, which I did a lot… Especially when Pear Jam came on.

“Even Flow”

This footage is just un$#@ing believable. I guess I’ve probably seen it at some point, but man they really caught him in his Prime Moment. Just Awesome.


Once again, just awesome footage.


This song is just tremendous. I used to love to sing it, it just goes so deep with me for some reason… It literally almost made me cry whenever I listened to it… What a softy, lol “I know some day you’ll have a beautiful life… I know you’ll be a star… in somebody elses sky… But why can’t it be mine” Just fricken awesome.

“Yellow Ledbetter”

Just an awesome song.

I’ll go ahead and end it with this one, I’m sure you know it well, it was I believe their most Impactive Song, and the one that sent them Flying through the next 10 plus years


Thanks for Listening/Reading



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