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Allure… Guests With No Breath

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Allure… Guest With No Breath

by DarkJade

“La Fon Would Not Return For Hours… From His Bedroom Window, I Could See The Village On Fire…He Was Right… They Would Rue The Day”



Arram and Seth sit perfectly still inside the bathroom stall… Listening… For anything… (Check Out Part VI if you haven’t) As the oh too familiar chill fills the room.

“You really should have listened to me Daisy Arram…” the chilling voice of the man from “Hillside Manner” (Part I) could suddenly be heard by both Arram and Seth.

Arram and Seth both start to sweat, and breath more rapidly.

“Then at least your Friend could have lived…” the voice got closer, but they could not hear any footsteps, as the light in the darkened restroom flickered on, then off once more.

Seth looked at Arram and gulped.

That’s when Arram bursted out of the bathroom stall, and faced towards the doorway, the direction the voice seemed to be coming from. But there was no one there.

“Really too bad…” the voice came from behind her like a whisper, and she turned to face the red glowing eyes of the dark haired man, she had drempt about since the night she first confronted him.

“Please–” she started to say, but the man pushed lightly against her chest, and she flew across the room, sliding into the wall by the entrance…


The man than turned his attention towards seth and grinned maliciously.

BOOMMM!!!” suddenly a shot was fired hitting the the man in his left arm, causing it to burn like acid.

“AHSSSSSSIIISSS” he hissed and looked at the doorway where Ray Millon’s (Part IV) large form filled the doorway.

He’s holding both of his Shotguns, and lights a Cigar.

“You wanta take this outside fella…” his deep barreling voice fills the room.

The Dark Haired man looks at Seth, and then Arram, who is sitting against the wall, rubbing one of her arms.

Suddenly with a swing of his left arm, the Dark Haired man knocks a hole large enough to go through in the wall to his left…

CRACKOOOMM!!” and disappears through the hole.

Roy Millon kneels down to Arram “You alright little one?”

She nods.

“Alright” he says and then exits the restroom in a hurry, re cocking the shotgun that he had fired.

Seth comes out of the stall, and is quickly by Arram’s side.

“Maybe we should bring him with us…” Arram speaks to Seth, who nods and smiles slightly.

“Might be a good idea” Seth replies.


Roy Millon tears through the forest attempting to track the Dark Haired man.

Suddenly he sees  paw prints that lead into a nearby Cemetery.

He kneels and looks at the tracks “A Wolf…” he speaks out loud.

Roy stands up strait and at the end of the Cemetery he sees a black wolf with red glowing eyes.

An oozing Green Mist starts to surround the Cemetery as Roy steps into it.

The Wolf just stares at Roy, flaring his sharpened fangs, with a barely audible growl.

Roy squints at the Wolf, as if trying to figure out what he’s up to.

Suddenly hands start to come out of the graves… Undead hands, from one’s long dead…

“Uh oh…” Roy speaks under his breath.

And the Wolf Tears away…


PICTURE CREDIT – Zombies At The Post Office

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The Mind Chronicles – Volume Two

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Nothing Stays the Same;



The Mind stands looking out the large window of his highrise apartment building… Smoking a long Cigarette.

DAY 17


Things are a bit more dismal here than I had hoped…

Though I have successfully entered, and integrated into this time, with minimal questions asked, the Planet has many “Outstanding” problems… Problems swept under the proverbial rug so to speak.

Such as the Mutants…

I’m hoping that by locating myself in the remote North West Region, where it does often snow, I will be at least largely free of Mutant interaction.

From what I have ascertained, at least 6 of the 7 Breeds do not like the cold.

I try not to think of the 7th Breed… Or what I refer to as “Nomads”.

The Mind takes a long hit off his cigarette, and pours himself a drink, as a Great Snow Storm starts to brew outside his window.

He then steps over to his COMPU-JOURNAL, which blinks in green, waiting for him to hit ENTER.

“Well if that isn’t a nice calm way of saying “Please God don’t let the Zombies get me!”, than I don’t know what is.

He hits “ENTER” with a CLICK.

“Mind are you there?” a voice suddenly comes from his telecommunicator.

The Mind approaches the device, and touches it, which brings forth a hologram of High Senate Richards.

“Ah there you are…” Richards replies.

“Hello High Senator…” The Mind glumly acknowledges him.

“I just wanted to let you know that your Global Telecast has been confirmed for tomorrow evening… It will be good for the survivors of the world to hear a few words from you… Curer of The Spangor Epidemic” Richards expresses.

“I shall do my best Senator, I’m not exactly “Media Savvy”…”.

The Mind than casts a maniacal grin.

“Some how I doubt that…” Richards replies.

The Hologram disappears.

The Mind then steps over to a long mirror on his Living Room wall, where he looks at his blond hair and beard.

“This shall not due…” he then touches the ends of his beard and hair with a glowing blue pen looking instrument, and his hair turns black.



PHOTO CREDIT – Fairbanks Picture



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