Blog Series 2013-14

chaos_warrior_by_zondrak-d3d0w6qWolfjade (2014);

by DarkJade

A crowd of several hundred has gathered in the Great Breenun Hall, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, to see justice come down upon the the War Criminal Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark.

Wolfjade stands in the middle of the hall, hands and ankles chained in Ordruk Steel…

His head down, not in shame, but rather, he is not ‘truly’ there in mind.

Wolfjade stands 6′ 6″, weighing some 300 pounds of solid muscle.

His hair is white, about shoulder length, with strong facial features, a broad jaw, and piercing dark blue eyes.

His Armor taken from him, he wears some soft grey clothing, supplied to him by the Clerics of Brazuul.

From above, the angry mob yells, and throws things down around, and upon him, crying for justice… Crying for his quick death.


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX


Alynore_by_dekrausOcto (2014);

by DarkJade-

Legend Tells of 8 Divine Paladins… Put Upon This Realm To Protect It From Itself, And Those That Sought To Harm It, And Its’ People

But After Four Hundred Years Of Defending It, The Paladin Risk Lost Heart… And The Others Would Surely Follow

For Without This Eighth Paladin, The Balance Of Octo Could Not Hold…

Blue Paladin  (Felix)





Octo – 8 Paladins

Octo – Fallen


n6swo2_1280png8Menace (2014);

by DarkJade

All things are not created

equal. A story of a mysterious young girl, with a very, very dark past. But is it her past at all?

Part I

Part II

Part III


man_glass_window_back_silhouette_55203_1600x1200Jacob Fade (2013-14);

by DarkJade

I thought I had it all…

Who Knows

Maybe I did…

Maybe I Still do

                                               Jacob Fade-

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


578x850_6866_Female_Sith_2d_character_star_wars_painting_girl_woman_sci_fi_picture_image_digital_artDark War Ones (2013);

by DarkJade

“Sometimes things just don’t make sense… A perfectly harmonious planet, in a bidder war for power, cities and lands… Something has to change… Something always does.”

Chapter I – Three Tribes (Ambral)

Chapter II – The Worn


Kung_Fu_by_Anime_Individual 2The Vengeance(2013-14);

by DarkJade

“In A Small City Outside Tokyo City, Japan… A 28 Year Old Japanese Man By The Name Tokui Shinsou Has Just Returned Home After Serving Two 4 Year Tours Of Military Service… But His Home Is No More… The Land Where His Childhood Home Stood, Is Barren… Purchased For 1/10th It’s Worth From A Wealthy Industrialist, Named… MashaHiro. His Father Has Mysteriously Died Just Two Months Before He Has Returned, And His Younger Sister… Well… He Won’t Even Talk About What’s Happened To Her… Well Trained In A Hybrid Military Martial Arts, Tokui Has Renamed Himself By Night, As AdauchiJapanese For Vengeance, Which He Intends On Having Whoever Killed His Father.”

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth

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