“White Jade” Pre-Production

Legends Productions


“White Jade” Web Series

Written & Created by James Mahoney


Soon I Should Have Funds To Purchase My New Video Camera/Lenses/Mic

Once This Fundamental Component Is Done, PRE-PRODUCTION Will Move Into Overdrive With “White Jade”, LEGENDS PRODUCTIONS First YouTube Web Series.

A Bit About “White Jade”

  • ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY – The First Draft Of “White Jade” Was Written In 2002, With The Intention To Edit It, Submit, And Sell It As A Feature Film Screenplay In Order To Generate Funds For My Personal DarkLight Productions (My Original Production Company) Independent Films.
  • EDITING THE SCREENPLAY – From 2003-2005 I Poured Hundreds Of Hours Into Editing “White Jade”, And Shopped It To Agents, But Could Not Get Any To Read It, And So I Sat It Aside.
  • SCENE DRAWINGS – In 2006 I Decided To Hire An Artist To Draw Me 4 Scene Drawings From “White Jade”, With The Idea That I Would…

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