Just 26 Hours Left Any Amount Helps

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Red Head Shot2Just 26 Hours Left Any Amount Helps

“White Jade” Webseries Indiegogo

Thanks Guys


Indian-ish Vegan Sausage Sauce

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IMG_07003Indian-ish Vegan Sausage Sauce

This is a random creation I made a few days ago


3 Vegan Sausages

1/2 Apple (I used Green, but any will do)

1/2 Cup Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

1/2 Cup Almonds

1/2 Cup Frozen Peas

1 Clove of Garlic (Or Garlic Powder)

3/4 Cup Of White Wine

1 Tablespoon of Curry (I used Yellow)

1 Tomato (Medium Size)

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil



  1. Put Olive Oil in skillet
  2. Cut and add Garlic
  3. Cook Garlic for 5 Minutes in Olive Oil on Medium Heat
  4. Add Sausage, Apple, Garbanzo Beans, Tomato, Almonds, Wine, Frozen Peas & Curry
  5. Cover & Cook for 10 to 15 Minutes (20 if you prefer the Apples softer)


Wola! I ate this by itself, but I recommend you throw it over your favorite Pasta, Quinoa or Couscous


Let Us Know What You Think/How They Came Out

Either Here, Email Us…

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Vegan Enchiladas

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Hey guys, just an FYI, I created a new Vegan Cooking Blog… But it’s for anyone that likes food really, lol

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IMG_1843Vegan Enchiladas

On September 25th I tried for the first time to make Vegan Enchiladas

Keep in mind that I had never made regular Enchiladas

So I was very curious how it would come out

In the end, I loved them,

These were a sort of experiment because on September 27th

We (The Family) were having a September Birthday get together

My Bday being on the 26th, and my brother in law’s on the 20th

Being they came out good, I made them for the gathering as well

As it was a Mexican Theme

There were slight differences in the two days ingredients, which I will indicate


Corn Tortillas (At least a dozen to be safe, or more if needed)

White Vegan Cheese (The first batch had a Vegan version of Mozzarella slices (Think American Cheese, but white))

Shredded White Vegan Cheese (I only used this in combination with…

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Movie Scenes That Capture The Essence Of What I’m Shooting For With “White Jade”

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Red Head Shot2Movie Scenes That Capture The Essence Of What I’m Shooting For With “White Jade”

White Jade Cover Book 1The First Scene Comes From “Blade Runner”

There Is An Overall ‘Futuristic Tokyo Japan’ Feeling That I’m Wanting With “White Jade”

10In This Next Scene From “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, The Tension Between Him And Her, And General Vibe Is One I’d Like With Naoko And Detective Ben Wayne

What Is HiraNext, The Tension And Mastery Of This “Dragon” Scene, Is One I’d Like In The Fights Scenes In “White Jade”, More Specifically The Scenes With Naoko

DisarmThis Next Scene From “Collateral” Is The Kind Of ‘Club Vibe’ I’d Like For The Club Scene With Naoko In “White Jade”

Scene 3 of 4 NayokoAnd Here Are Some Scenes That Give The ‘Samurai’ Vibe I’d Like In The Samurai Scenes In “White Jade”

Samurai Jack

Last Samurai

(Not Tom Cruise, Watnabe In Both & His Son The Archer In The Second Scene)

SamuraiWhat I Want For People To Feel At The End Of This Story Is Hope

And Love For Those That Mean Something In Their Lives

And To Be Inspired By The Passion And Artistry Of The Tale’s Unfolding

The 124 Page Screenplay Is Being Transformed Into 16 Eight Minute Episodes

The Funds Collected With Indiegogo Will Go Towards The Actors, Lighting, Costumes & Makeup

With “White Jade” I’m Hoping To Have The Opportunity To Inspire & Entertain People

Leave Them With Hope, And The Enjoyment Of Living And Seeing Through The Eyes

Of A Troubled Girl As Her Life Changes/Transforms Before Her

Into Something More…

Her New Beginning


“White Jade” Web Series Indiegogo Project

Twitter – @LegendsProd

Stills From “White Jade” Trailer

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akiAki Meditating Just Before Detecting Naoko

moonThe Moon Above The “White Jade” Temple

handA Shot Used In The Front Credits

naoko3Naoko In The Red Light Questioning Chamber

lurkingNaoko In The Underground Realm Of Yamagato

lanternLanterns Of The “White Jade” Temple – This Shot Is Used In The Credits

battleNaoko Preparing To Battle Aki

green naokoCloseup Of Naoko In Yamagata’s Underground Realm

beginningNaoko Right Before She Begins Her Confession To Detective Wayne

aki2Aki Confronting Naoko

andleCandle Being Lit In The “White Jade” Temple – Used In Front Credits


To Support The “White Jade” Web Series Go Head To Indiegogo “White Jade” Web Series

Thanks For Your Support


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Indiegogo – “White Jade” Web Series

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Originally posted on Legends Productions:

White Jade Cover Book 1Indiegogo – “White Jade” Web Series

Our Kickstarter Funding Project For The “White Jade” Web Series Trailer Didn’t Hit Its’ Goal

So We’ve Moved Onto Funding The Web Series Itself

This Time We’re Using Indiegogo, Because Kickstarter Is All Or Nothing

Which Means We Didn’t Get To Keep Any Of The Funds That Came In

Save One Contributor That Sent Us $50 Outside Of Kickstarter

Which We Used To Purchase 3 Bukkon (Practice Katanas) Swords

J swordWith Indiegogo We Should Generate Some Actual Funding

Which Will Go Towards Paying Actors, Makeup & Lighting

Any Amount Helps

I Really Feel This Is An Important Story Of Humanity

Wrapped In A Cool Future Tokyo Japan Setting

Detectives, Samurai & Assassins

Thanks For Your Support



Here’s The Video I Created For Funding The Trailer

It Tells How The “White Jade” Web Series Came About

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Editing Is Complete… “Mady’s Storm”

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Mady's Storm2Editing Is Complete On My Second Mady Novella “Mady’s Storm”

And Within This Month I Should Be Self-Publishing It

If You Haven’t Read The First You Can Pick It Up On Amazon Below

“I Died Once”

I’m Really Happy With The Way It Came Out

And What My Editor Added To It

I’ll Let You Know When It’s Available

Which Should Be This Month


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