Revisiting Me – March 5th, 2012

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Hands In Pain

Hands In Pain

We Can Not Pretend to Know Your Pain…

Your Loss

Father… Gone

Mother… Never Known

And Yet There is a Subtle Hope in Thee…

Though You Clean…

And Wash…

And Slave for those who do not Even Love you…

Those who Do Not Know You

Those Who Do Not Care

When you Look To The Stars…

Begging for some Comfort…

Your Eyes Gleam…

And The stars Gleam Right Back

For you are Something More…

Enchanted… Deep

Love Filled… Wise

And When That Carriage comes…

And Sweeps you away

Cut Not Your Skin on Open Glass

No… Spread This Magic Dust

Upon Those who would Look Up To you…

Be Guided By Your Actions…

Admire, and Watch you from Afar

Happily Ever After



Film Making – Inspiration (TRON: Legacy)

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I’ve Been Taking Kind Of A Break On Film Making This Last Week Or So… And During This Time I’ve Been Watching Some Films That Inspire Me… Two Thirds Into It I Actually Took Out My Camera And Aimed It At The T.V. For These Shots;

TRON: Legacy


Flynn And His Son Wait To Make A Move

(Just Liked The Look Of This Shot)


Flynn (The Creator) Arrives In Zeus’s Club

(My Favorite Moment Of The Film, Still Gives Me Chills When I Watch It)


Another Great Shot Of Flynn Arriving In Zeus’s Club

(The Drama… He Is, ‘Neo’ Obi Wan)


Flynn Secures Transportation To The Portal

(Ala Obi Wan “These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For…”/Force Style – TRON Translation via Reprogramming + A Swift Bonk To The Guard’s Head)


Look No Hands!

(That’s A Glowing Disk Flying By Her On The Left, Great Moment)


Flynn Calls Them To The Ship He’s Secured

(Pretty Crazy Shot)


Flynn On The Bridge Leading To The Portal

(Sacrificing Himself Ala Obi Wan/Luke Skywalker Style… Such Drama… Some Of This Story Is So Shakespearean)

Revisiting Myself – February 12th, 2012

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Originally Posted February 12th, 2012


The Mortal Man

The Mortal Man

Long Dark Coat Clad…

Hair Black

Black Stomping Boots of Fading Light

So busy looking Forward…

Rarely Looks Behind

Forward Skies of Powder Periwinkle Blue

He Casts a Gaze Back…

Over his shoulder

To Catch a Blackened Cloud…

The Size of a Sea

It Follows Thee

Look how it Starts to Rain Now

He Pulls in His Coat…

Brings Down His Head

From Pocket brings forth Bottled Light

“Hmm… Only Three Left”

“Looks Like I’ll Fade”

“Like All The Rest…”

And so Waves

“Come Blackness… Come”

“I Beckon Thee”

Must Learn to Swim

This Blackness It Brings

“I Shall Not Go Alone…”

“Though Skies Have Changed…”

“My Heart Remains…”

Feeling… Warmer

Beating… Harder

Than Ever it Has Before

Though Cold Front Comes…

Like Beating Drum

I’m Stronger…

Than I Ever Was

I Love The Rain…

And Welcome The Cold

I’m Not Nearly Done



PHOTO CREDIT – The Black Coat

Revisiting Myself – January 29th, 2012

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Originally Posted Back In January 29th, 2012


Traces of Love

Traces of Love

As she steps towards me…

Her Wings fully expanded

I stand and fall backwards…

She steps and glides…

And catches my arm before I fall…

Let me be I cry…

Blue Eyes Dark and Bold…

But she does not listen

No… Her Gentle Blues rest softly on mine soul…



For a Kiss she knows I can not give her

The chains of my life grasp tighter around my wrists…

Seeing this… Light crosses her Eyes

Her Blood heats, as she tears the chains from my Arms…

She lifts me up…

She always has

Mine Eyes Closed I say the words…

Why have you come… You shall not stay

Tears fall down her fair cheeks

She pulls away…

She takes to the air…

I Grab her hand

This time I will not let you go…

Then again…

I never did


PHOTO CREDIT – Girl with the White Hair

White Widow

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My Favorite Scene From “The Company” (Movie)

Mady Chronicles

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At Some Point I’m Going To Need To Make Some Time To Write The 3rd Installment Of My “Mady’s Chronicles” Novellas

“I Died Once” @ Amazon

“Mady’s Storm” @ Amazon

And I’d Really Love To Get Back To Rewriting My First Fantasy Novel

Not Enough Time In The Day lol

Sky Ladder

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Amazing Documentary… Highly Recommend It

Legends Productions


There’s A Scene In This Film That’s One Of The Prettiest Things I’ve Ever Seen (Not The Ending Somewhere In The Middle)… But Beyond That, It’s Simply A Great Film… Especially If You’re An Artist (It’s On Netflix) The Music Is Also Amazing

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