“White Jade” Update 20 – Crowdfunding

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My Latest “White Jade” Web Series PreProduction Update!

Legends Productions


Happy Holidays!

In addition to the Holidays, which are likely a focus for most of us, I’ve also shifted the focus of “White Jade” from PreProduction, to Crowdfunding.

I’ve done small Crowdfunders before with the Self Publishing of a couple of my Books, but this will be much more of a significant Goal and Undertaking

Kait (Kaitlin Q. Calkins my Associate Producer) has researched it quite a lot which guided me towards my own research

I’ve Written a Preliminary Outline which includes such things as







Which Are Funding For;

  1. Costumes
  2. Makeup & Makeup Artist
  3. Food For Cast & Crew On Set
  4. Props
  5. Location Fees
  6. Gas In Certain Cases


Bios, and a telling of what drew them to the “White Jade” Project

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Film Making Hiccups… Life Goes On, lol

Legends Productions

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Mady’s Surrender – Chapter II (Caged)

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Mady’s Surrender

by DarkJade (James Mahoney)

Prologue/Chapter I


Sitting at the poker table before Mady were six men, but the table held eight.

Samuel Coinyard, oil tycoon. Long white hair, large mustache, tall tan cowboy hat, dark brown long coat.

Dustin Dodge, dark hair, brown forgiving eyes, non trustworthy smile, maybe in his mid thirties.

Rim McKenick. A man from Ireland, squinty eyes, non trusting demeanor.

Long Jones. A colored man in a grey tuxedo. Full of smiles, he ordered drinks for everyone at the table, and tipped too much.

Milford Collins, a young businessman from New Jersey.

And Cliff Engels, a shady looking, large grey hat wearing mystery.

Mady approached the table, leaving Spilwell behind, “May I sit?” she spoke.

“Well of course little lady,” jovially replied Long Jones, as he pulled out a chair for her.

Some of the men looked at one another, some paid it no mind.

“Texas Holdem… I’d Seen My Father Play With The Help From Time To Time… But Never Played Myself,” thought Mady.

“So tell me fine lady, what is a beautiful young woman like yourself doing in such a place as this?” spoke Dustin Dodge, laying on the charm., which of course with Mady, did not work.

“I think I may have killed a man in New York City,” she replied in almost a daze.

This grabbed Milford Collins attention, as he was from New Jersey.

“Did he owe you money?” he asked.

Samuel Coinyard laughed a bit, while Milford Collins began to sweat.

“World be mad, deal me in!” suddenly came boisterously from behind Mady.

When she looked to see who it was, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

A tall, light color haired man, with a mustache and cowboy hat sat down directly across from Mady, “Well, well, well…” the man spoke, “If it ain’t little Mady Monroe.”

“Rex Tayor… I Can’t Believe It… The Man Whose Father Bought My Family Estate After My Mother, and Step Father’s Passing.”

“Rex Talor… How do you do…” spoke Mady non too friendly.

Rex pulled out a cigar, bit off the end, spit it out, and lit it, “Better by the moment I recon… Better by the moment,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“You two in? Or are you not done with this little ‘reunion’,” spoke Cliff Engels, none to friendly.

“Deal er up!” replied Rex.

Cliff looked at Mady who looked back blankly, “Uh…”

Suddenly the server brought Mady an envelope, which she calmly opened.

Dear Mady Monroe

Welcome To Louisiana

You Have Received A Credit Of $100,000 Aboard This Ship

Enjoy The Ride

Sincerely, Troy

“Troy?” Mady thought to herself.

“Mam?” suddenly interjected Rim McKenick, the Irishman.

“Yes… Well… I’m not sure I remember how to play… But I’ll give it a shot,” she replied.

And so the card game continued. And within a few hands, and several hundred dollars lost, Mady began to get the general gist of the game.


Mady’s Surrender

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At The End Of 2011 (November/December), I Posted An Unedited First Draft Of What Ended Up Being The First In A Series Of Novellas, On To This Blog… It’s Called “I Died Once”.

One Year Later (November/December, 2012), I Wrote The Second Novella In ‘The Mady Chronicles’… Which Is Called “Mady’s Storm”, And Takes Place 8 Years Later.

Both Of These Novellas I Self Published, And Can Be Found On Amazon Here “I Died Once“, And Here “Mady’s Storm“.

What Will Follow Now (November Once More) Is My First Installment Of What I May Be Calling “Mady’s Surrender”… The Thing About This Blog, Is It’s More Of A Writing Stream Of Consciouness, So These Chapters Will Either Be Written In A Notebook, Then Posted Here… Or Written Right Here.

Either Way, They Are Not Edited… Nor Will They Be ‘Eglish-ly’ Correct, lol

English Isn’t My Thing… Though ‘Creative Writing’, And Math Always Have Been.

Enjoy The First Chapter Of Mady’s Surrender.



Mady’s Surrender

by DarkJade (James Mahoney)

“From Death… To Life… To Death… To Life… To Death Again… I Am Still Alive”


“I Can’t Say For Sure What Happened That Night… I Know I Had A Nightmare… Followed By… A Nightmare.”

“First It Was My Father… Then Mack… Now I Am Alone Again.”

“And What Became Of Billy?”

“Am I Awake?”

“I Don’t Think I’m Awake Yet…”

CHAPTER ONE – Friction

A young girl, just 24 years of age, finds herself in a large black bag… Once she is awake enough to figure it out, she unzips it, and steps out onto what appears to be a River Boat, heading down a Louisiana river.

A gamblers riverboat.

The girl is 5’9″ tall, with long black wavy hair, a lean figure, and vibrant blue eyes.

She’s wearing a dark blue dress, that doesn’t appear to have been wrinkled from her confinement.

“Somehow I ended up on a gamblers riverboat in Louisiana.” she thought to herself, noting the name of the boat, “Little Miss Louisiana”, which is painted on the side wall.

She also noted the gambling tables through the windows near by.

“Sounds about right, right?” She thought.

Her name, Miss Mady Monroe.

A millionaire’s daughter, originally from Virginia.

Relocated to Africa at 15 years old, where she united with her absentee father…

…Sam Monroe.

The Murder of her Mother? Well, that’s another story.

And her relocation which lead her to New York City? That’s another story too.

Mady straightened her dress, and stumbled a bit as she made her way into the bar and casino in the middle of the boat.

She pulled up a bar stool next to a thin man, with a thin, pointy beard in his early thirties, wearing a tall black top hat.

“Evening,” he spoke.

Mady smiled, and that’s when it hit her…


I come around the corner to see Mack tied up to a chair, facing toward me, his face bloodied…

Two black suited mobsters stand near him, one rubbing his fist, as he has obviously used it repeatedly…

My eyes go black…

I step toward Mack, and reach out to him, touch his face, “Mack… I’m so sorry.”

The mobsters look at one another…

The other four mobsters have now entered the room as well, and line its entrance

Mack looks at me through the eye that isn’t sealed up, “Mady… You shouldn’t have come.”

“I’m getting you out of here,” I say, as I step toward one of the tables, and remove a knife from a rolled napkin…

With this, one of the mobsters steps toward me, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that—” he starts to say when…

I turn towards him, my black purse dropping to the floor, and I aim my silver revolver right at his forehead…

And pull the trigger



Mady suddenly jumps with a jolt, knocking over the man’s whisky.

“Oh, I am so sorry… Mr.–” she spoke apologetically.

“Spilwell,” he replied as he waved for the bartender to come clean the whisky from the counter.

“Edward Spilwell.”

Here you are sir. spoke the bartender as he handed Spinwell another cup of whisky, and wiped away the other.

Suddenly Mady’s eyes go dark from the memory, “What have I done…”

“It’s no big deal little lady…” replied the man, thinking she’s referring to knocking his drink over.

“What would you like to drink? It’s on me,” he spoke kindly.

PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Haired Girl


Warriors Of Light – Battle On The Border Of Tyr

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Warriors of Light – Battle At The Border of Tyr

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII, Episode XIV


Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode XI) froze in ah as the sheep thrown by the Frost Giant struck the ground before them…

Surprisingly, Chemney was the first to react, quickly putting a stone in his sling, and hurling it at the Giant…

…but missed completely.

Sparen than thrusted both of her arms and hands forward, and spoke three magical words, “Wen Ple Sor”, and a flash of light struck the giants eyes, blinding him…

“AHHHH!” yelled the Frost Giant.

“Come On!” yelled Odle, who directed the group towards running around the Giant, with hopes of reaching the Kingdom of Tyr Forest before the Giant had regained his site…

Vyle ran quickly passed the Dwarf, as he wasn’t all that quick…

Meanwhile the Frost Giant continued to pick up sheep, and hurl them in the Parties general direction… but didn’t hit any of them.

Sparen didn’t move… She instead conjured a magic missile and sent it at the Giant, hitting it in the arm…

“Rarr!! You’ll pay Mage!!” yelled the Giant, whose vision suddenly returned.

Chemney launched another small rock at the giant, but it did no harm… “Sparen, make for the Forest of Tyr!!” yelled Chemney at the Mage.

Vyle, hearing how Sparen had stayed back, stopped running, though she was half way to the Forest…

She kneeled, and launched an arrow at the Giant, but it whacked it out of the air.

The Frost Giant then ran full speed towards Sparen, who didn’t look to be moving at any time soon…

Odle stopped as well, cocked back his crossbow, and let loose a shot…

…but the bolt launched way off target.

“Woops,” spoke Odle in embarrassment.

“Make For The Forest!” yelled Sparen.

Chemney then realized that they should listen to the Mage, “Listen to her… Run!”

Vyle and Odle looked at one another, then made towards the forest…

Chemney as well…

The Frost Giant had nearly reached Sparen when she suddenly disappeared…

“RARRRR NOOOO!” yelled the Giant in frustration… He then started to swing around at air in hopes of finding the vanishing Mage.

Twenty minutes later, somewhat into the Forest of Tyr, Vyle, Odle and Chemney sat by a tree…

Worrying… Waiting… Wondering.

When suddenly Sparen appeared.

“Phew, I hope they have a banquet waiting for us at Tyr,” spoke Sparen with a smile…

Vyle grabbed Sparen and gave her a great hug, “You foolish girl,”… Then realizing she had ’emoted’, withdrew.

Odle grabbed onto Sparen’s hand, “You saved us Mage… You were spectacular,” he exclaimed.

Chemney on the other hand peered back towards the hills where they had battled the Giant… “A bit south for a Frost Giant…”

The Party then quickly made their way through the Forest of Tyr, towards the Kingdom of Tyr, breaking into song as they went.


Remembering Alan Rickman

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It literally feels like weeks ago that Alan Rickman passed away…

The reason that I’m doing this post is, four days prior to Alan Rickman passing, David Bowie had passed away


…and in all honesty, I had not recovered from that by a long shot.

Two of my Favorite People on the planet going out so close together

During my mourning, I did post about the loss of Bowie (Bowie), but I was so down about the loss of both of them, that I never got a chance/was up to writing about Alan Rickman… Though I totally intended to.

So here it is… A little late


I originally saw Alan Rickman for the first time in “Die Hard” (1988), which I’m not even sure I saw in a theater… But when I saw this film, he blew me away.

I have a Theory about Movies/Films/Stories where there’s a Good Guy, and a Bad Guy… The Theory is, the Movie/Film/Story can only be as good as the Villain is, no matter how good the Good Guy Actor is

Because lets face it, how great of a Victory is it to take out a Bad Guy you don’t fear, and or respect… It’s pretty empty


The ultimate example of this for me is “Star Wars”… Darth Vader is my Favorite Villain of all time… And I believe, played a huge role in why the Films were so great


Lets face it, “Die Hard” is a fun/good Flick… But without Alan Rickman as Bruce Willis’s Adversary, it may not have been.

Alan Rickman was a Great Villain…


Rickman then Affirmed this further in “Quigley Down Under” (1990), where he was, once again, a Great Villain…

If you haven’t seen this Film, you should… Fun, and Cool


He then slam dunked my point in 1991, in “Robin Hood:Prince Of Thieves”, where lets face it… He was Brilliant, and Hilarious.

In this case, it was Rickman, in my opinion, that actually saves this Film… Because though I like Kevin Costner in many films, between his very American Accent, Terrible Hair, and Lack Luster Performance in this Film, not even Morgan Freeman (Who was great in this Film) could save him, or this Film alone…

Rickman stole the show.

But I knew then, as I knew when I saw Quigley, that there was something very special about Rickman… Something much, much more than a Villain


In 1995, Alan Rickman’s Colonel Brandon was the Definitive Gentlemen… Kind… Gentle… Heroic… Humble

He was incredible in this Role… It’s probably the role I think of most when I think of Alan Rickman

He showed what ‘True Love” was in this film… When you love someone, and they don’t love you back… You keep on loving them anyway, without bitterness, or breach of character


Then for me, came “Galaxy Quest” (1999), where he was hilarious

Then in 2001 came the role that he’s perhaps most globally known for…


Severus Snape, in “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone”

Where his dipiction of the Villain like character, lured you deeply into what would be a World Wide Phenomenon of Films

Once again, though he was surrounded by tons of Great Actors in these Flms, it is my truest opinion that not only was he the Greatest part of these Films, but they just wouldn’t have been as good without him… No way.



Then in 2003, where he played an emotionally checked out husband in “Love Actually”


And in 2010’s “Alice In Wonderland”, where he was the voice of the caterpillar

But one of the oddest, and Greatest Feats of Acting I had been introduced to of him was in a Samual Beckett Play caught on Film

Obviously, the guy could act…

But for me, He was one of the Most Amazing Humans I’ve ever come across on Film… So much Feeling… So Richly alluring

I was Captivated when he spoke

And I will truly miss his Acting Creations

But I shall always watch them keeping him alive within me

Thanks For Reading/Listening


Happy Thanksgiving

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