Captain America: Civil War

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Signing Off Until After The Holiday

For Those Of You That Celebrate Thanksgiving, I Hope You Have A Good One!

For Those That Don’t, I’ll Be Back At It Soon


Thanksgivings Feast/Vegan Dishes & Ingredients

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Some Of Thanksgivings Vegan Dishes & Ingredients

Okay, so I found a list of some dishes that we made a couple years back that were really good

Unfortunately I haven’t found the book with them in it yet, so preparation is not listed here, just Ingredients

I hope this helps and/or gives you some ideas

If I find the preparations I will post them as well

In addition to the dishes below will be Mashed Potatoes (Boil Potatoes, Mix Them With Vegan Butter And Almond Milk… Normally I Like Adding Curry, But Probably Not For Thanksgiving… Also Hit Em With A Bit Of Pepper If You So Desire)


Also Mom’s Maken Her Famous Coleslaw, But I Don’t Know That Recipe (Not Sure I Want To Know It… Tradition, lol)

She Makes Us A Vegan Version As Well As A Normal One

You’re Probably Safe With Cabbage, Veganaise, Almond Milk…

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Dark Jade, White Jade, Screenwriter James Jade

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An Interview I did with a fellow Blogger

Originally posted on Lorna's Voice:

Trust me, this will make sense soon. I hope. Trust me, this will make sense soon. I hope.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, I met a blogger named Dark Jade. He did cool things like host writing competitions and invited me to judge them, so I immediately knew he had great taste. Even though his first name was Dark.

Then he decided to get all artsy and crafty. Dark wrote some books. I supported him. Because that’s the kind of gal I am.

You probably have a good reason for hiding your identity, but, be brave enough to take off the mask as be yourself. I'll support you! You probably have a good reason for hiding your identity, Dark, but, be brave enough to take off the mask and be yourself. I’ll support you!

Then he got even artsier and craftier. He got into filming things.

Anyway, flash forward to the future, or now, and he still has a blog, but it’s different.

I’m going to let Dark explain his most recent project because:

1. It’s really…

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Riku – Trickery

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740977001_186009Riku – Trickery

by dArKjAdE-







Riku smokes a cigarette like product, whilst looking out over the city of New York.

“What Lo Lin And My Aunt Aika have asked me to do is insane…”

Riku tosses the remains of the cigarette into the air and it blinks into smoke, as they are designed to do when discarded.

The sliding door leading to his balcony opens as he approaches it, and goes out on to the balcony.

It’s cold, but he doesn’t seem to notice…

Below thousands of Christmas Lights can be seen

“I Knew The Ukrainian Dictator Known As Mучити Had An Extreme Advantage Over The Rest Of Our Worlds Countries Via The Sheer Size Of His Army… But The Reality Is, He’s About To Conquer The World.”

Riku taps his wrist, and speaks into it “Hinata, I need you… Can you come?”

He puts his wrist down.

“But To Ask Me To Secretly Deliver Weapons To Each And Every One Of My Fans At Every Show… To Build Some Sort Of Secret Counter Attack… How Can I Possibly Have Anything To Do With That…”

Suddenly the entry of his room slides open, and a beautiful young Japanese girl comes in dressed scarcely…

“I am here,” she says as she bows, and heads towards Riku’s bedroom.

“No wait Hinata… Wait,” he speaks, which seems to take her off guard.

She approaches, and stands before him.

“What is it Riku?”

“There’s something I must share with you… But you must promise you will tell no one,” he explains as the two of them sit on his faux leather couch.

“Of course?” she replies

Riku goes on to explain that he will be traveling to 9 countries in the next two weeks, and what his country has asked of him…

She looks in shock… Stands… Paces, then turns towards him “You have to do this Riku… You have to!”


Blue White Red

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fr2Blue White Red

Paris, We’re Sorry…

No One Could Possibly Know Your Pain

For The Families And Friends Of The Lost

It’s Only Just Begun

I Would Tell You To Be Strong

But Before Healing, Comes Grief

And Anger

And Sadness

Our Hearts Hang At Half Mast For You

Our Thoughts, And Love, And Friendship Are Here For You

When Someone Loses Someone, There’s Never Much To Say

153 Plus Silent Lives

Thousands Of Broken Hearts In Its’ Wake

There’s Nothing Right About Any Of This

My Feet Have Never Touched Your Shores

And Yet My Heart Bleeds

And My Soul Weeps

I Think Of The Blue White And Red In My Veins

This Connection Runs Deep

I Want You To Know You Are Not Alone

I Want You To Know That France Is Still Your Home

But The Black Cloud Surrounding Your Lives

Has Reached Us All

And Covered The Stars

We Love You With All Of Our Hearts

Our Hearts Are With You

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