The Legend Of Vox Machina, A True Review (3+ months after Premiere)

My History With Critical Role

I started watching Critical Role on and off in 2017

I didn’t super click with the characters, but I loved Grog & Travis Willingham, and Matt was a tremendous Dungeon Master (Which is my thing)

I will say, the group’s friendships were what were most awesome to me, so rare to have a group of friends that are that close, at least that has been true for me

I was super excited for Season 2, caught it from the beginning, and pretty much watched the whole thing

Loved Jester (Laura Baily), Fjord (A Paladin/Warlock Half-Orc with 2 accents, come on), and the tragedy turned legend of Mollymauk (Taliesin has great concepts for characters)

The Kickstarter Project & Future Animated Series

I was not surprised at all about Critical Role’s Kickstarter success, I believe they’d done one for a D & D Mini which shot over a million, surely one for an Animated Special would blow that away, and it did

The Legend Of Vox Machina

I admit, though I didn’t really click with the original Critical Role Season 1 Characters (Save Grog, who I loved), I was still very excited to see the animated series

Like I say, the friendships of the group, coupled with Matt’s world, coupled with all of their immense Voice Acting talent, coupled with Titmouse (Who seemed awesome and inspired), seemed like they’d churn out at least a decent show…

…but it’s much more than that

The Story


For me, the Briarwoods were my absolute favorite part of either of their first two D & D Campaigns, and I also love Vampires, so I loved them

Starting with the Dragon Mystery (I also love Dragons) also worked

The Main Characters

Scanlan, Scanlan, Scanlan… His character was absolutely hilarious, and Sam Riegal’s songs were just awesome, executed with a subtleness, never going over the top, hilarious and enjoyable

Pike such heart… Ashley Johnson just created such a compassionate, hearty, deep character, and I love her in this

Grog I admit I loved him so much in the Critical Role Season 1 actual play, it would be difficult to match Travis’s body of work portraying him, but in the series he is absolutely hilarious, not just dumb, he’s intuitive and has a giant heart

Keyleth was/is just great… I really didn’t connect with her in the in person Campaign, though I know many did, but in the series she’s not just powerful, she is bright eyed, and full of light… Marisha does a really subtle/strong job with her

Vax I actually really struggled with Vax in the live Campaign, but in the series, Liam just voices him with such subtlety (That word again)

He’s probably my favorite character in the series

Vex was tough in the live play, because I grew up with a really not nice sister, so I just don’t have a lot of tolerance for not niceness, lol. But in the series, on first watch, she didn’t really stand out to me… But after watching it many more times, she has some really great moments/comments/one liners, and left me wanting to know/hear more from her in the future

Percy Once again, an amazing concept, Taliesin does not disappoint… And I admit, the first hand full of episodes, I really dug Percy’s ‘Batman-esq-ness’… But by the end, he felt a bit much for me at least… I’m sure I’ll get a lot of slack for feeling this way, as I know by watching a lot of React Videos on YouTube, he’s most people’s favorite character… That said, Taliesin’s voice work in The Legend Of Vox Machina is exceptional

Final Verdict

Great Villains, amusing and full of heart Heroes, awesome Animation, great Music by Neal Acree (And songs by Sam etc.), great heavily Matt influenced Story, cool/interesting animation, The Legend Of Vox Machina is a blast, can’t wait for next Season!

Nuff said,

Thanks for listening/reading


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