“White Jade” Update 11 – 10 Days Into Push

My Latest Web Series Pre-Production Update

Legends Productions

WJ Update 11

“White Jade” Update 11 – 10 Days Into Push

On August 1st, we began our 3 Month Push to Complete Pre-Production of the “White Jade” Web Series, and with any luck, and much work, begin Shooting/Filming in October.

Here’s what the last 10 Days brought us



I’m not much of an Artist (obviously, lol), but I’ve been slowly working away at a very loose Storyboard for the Project.

With any luck, our Crowd Funder will generate enough support that perhaps I can work with an actual Artist… It’s not essential, but it is helpful


Carlos Chang

I had a very productive meeting with Dancer Actor Carlos Chang (Who plays Ti Li in the Project) about Costume Design, and it went very well.

He’s got a lot of imaginative ideas, and he and I should come up with some good stuff to set the vibe of the piece. Our Associate…

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