Magic And Light – CAMPAIGN 2


On January 12th This Year, I Began A Story (Blog Series) About A 14 Year Old Boy Named Johnny, Who Invited Four Friends Over, And His Sister, To Their Surprise, To Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

He’d Recently Learned How To Dungeon Master D & D (Dungeons And Dragons) 5e (The 5th Edition), And Wanted To Give It A Go…

Two Of His Friends Had Played RPG’s (Roleplaying Games), Where The Others Had Not…

This Lead To A 47 Chapter (Short Chapters) Campaign, Called ‘The Journey Of Zahn’ (Which You Can Check Out HERE) Where I Go In And Out Between The Characters In The Story, And The Players Playing The Characters In The Game…

At The End Of Chapter 47, Ren (The Tiefling Wizard Played By Connor, One Of Johnny’s Friends), Decided It Was Time For Him To Part Ways…

Which Leads Us To CAMPAIGN 2, ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor

“Alright, I want to bring us to a pause here,” spoke Johnny.

“I want to congratulate you all on completing our ‘First Campaign’, ‘The Journey Of Zahn’…” he continued.

Everyone seemed happy, and was slapping each other high fives etc.

“From this point forward, we will be beginning our 2nd Campaign, which I’m calling ‘The Adventures Of Ren,” added Johnny.

This surprised me (Connor).

“We will begin our Second Campaign in the southern Port of Jor, in the south of Galdur, where most of you began the First campaign,” continued Johnny.

Lisa, tucked her head in shyness, as she didn’t join the campaign until later.

“It begins a few days after Ren had completed his 4 day journey upon a ship, from the Port of York, to the Port of Jor.”

“I asked a few of you to create ‘New Characters’, and a few of you will be using the ones you’ve been playing already.”

“Also, we’re adding a new Group Member to the Game, come on in Rodger,” spoke Johnny, and from the kitchen came a heavy set boy named Rodger, who Johnny was friends with, but who goes to a different school.

“Hey guys… How’s it going,” spoke Rodger shyly, all greeted him.

“Also, I will not be playing a Main Party Member in this campaign, like I did in the first with Tor-Atimus, my Half Orc Paladin.”

“Let us begin…” completed Johnny, and so we did.

After three days of reflecting, drinking at the Crimson Blade, and considering his options, Ren decided he’ll take a ship to POLUS, the continent south of Galdur.

There were several thriving cities there, and many mountains, woods and forests to seek out magic.

“Looks like they’ll serve anyone in here Chi…” spoke the familiar voice of Kinner, the Drow (Dark Elf) Bard from Zahn’s Party.

“I guess so…” replies the other familiar voice of Chi, the Wood Elf Ranger also from Zahn’s Party.

Ren turned to face Chi and Kinner, “Chi, Kinner, what are you doing here?”

“We’re coming with you… They have things under control in Ensencia…” spoke Kinner.

“That’s… Amazing,” replied Ren.

Ren went on to tell Chi and Kinner how he’s heading to Polus in hopes of finding out more about magic, and perhaps some adventure.

Chi and Kinner were in.

The next day the three of them boarded a ship to Polus.

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