This Is A Difficult Time


This is a difficult time

But the things needed are enormous/bigger than ourselves

And will take time, but more than that, focus

Particularly our planets environment which is being used at an unsustainable rate

It’s great/exciting that we’re developing the ability to travel to Mars, but it is flat out wrong to destroy this planet, and just move onto the next

Humans have to pull back a third from their comforts and desires, and balance this planet out

We have a huge/ever growing population, which means we really need to be managing the resources we have

But, it’s imperative that we ground ourselves, emotionally and spiritually

Love the ones you have in your life, and be open and pour love out to those in need, in one form or another

We can get through this extremely difficult time, but you need to make it a daily focus

Do what you can, and make that mindset a lifestyle

Be Well


Photo From One Of My Two Sisters, Shot This Morning In Arizona

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