Refining What You Do… In Life… And In Work

Refining What You Do… In Life… And In Work

It’s funny, there seems to come times in life when it’s good (or at least I think it’s good) to reflect upon what you are doing in your life… Both in your Every Day/Personal Life, and in your Professional, And/Or Artistic Life.

A time when you find yourself with 8 or 9 things on your plate, and really only have time for maybe 4 to 6.

I think of it as kind of a time of Self Refinement in what you do.

Personal Life

In your Personal Life it might be something like asking yourself things like.

1) Who am I spending my time around? Are they good for me, or not so good for me… This can be any sort of Relationship in your life, whether it’s a Romantic One, Family One, Friend One, Work One. A Relationship isn’t just a name for a Romantic Relationship, it’s a name for any person you connect with in your life, in any shape or form

2) Am I happy at my job? Or am I just there because I need the cash, or simply have been doing it so long, that I haven’t considered doing something else?

3) Am I pursuing any of my Passions? Be it a Career, a Hobby or in any other Form or way

4) Do I like where I live? Or am I here because I’ve been here so long, and am just used to it? Or can I afford no better? Or am I actually right where I want to be?

Professional, And Or Artistic Life

1) Am I Pursuing the Things I Love?

2) Am I surrounding myself with People, who Believe in me? Or at least, don’t Discourage me, or Belittle me?

3) Am I any good at what I’m interested in? And if I’m not all that good, do I still enjoy doing it enough to do it anyway? Or do I simply not know if I’m any good? And if so, am I pursuing ways to get people’s opinions?

Now that I think about it, I’m going to go ahead and Answer These Questions, maybe you will too down below in Comments.

Personal Life

1) – I have a Huge Family… But ever since I hit the age of 18-19, and who I was around became 100% my own choice, I only surrounded myself with just a hand full of My Relatives. Many I just didn’t click with, but the one’s that I do, are just Awesome. As far as Friends, I’ve had several Good Friends over the years, but I’ve never been a ‘socialite’… Sadly as time went by, most of my friends and I went in different directions. Which is ok. Only Two times in my life have I actually had to cut someone out of my life completely. It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do, but in both cases, these people were very, very dark people… And were simply not good for me to be around, or to speak with. Romantic Relationship wise, I’ve been Single for over a year now… But I’d say out of the 4 Woman that I’ve been In Love with, and Involved with, One of them was Extremely Encouraging, and Supportive… One didn’t care what I did either way… One was Discouraging, and not good for me to be around… And the other simply Loved me, and we weren’t together long enough for me to determine if she would have been Encouraging, or Discouraging… But she was definitely Supportive

2) – I am extremely Happy with My Job, because My Job is Pursuing being a Professional Writer… That’s my Full time job, though I’m not making a living at it yet, and have only truly been pursuing it consistently for just over a year now. My other Part Time Job is being an Admin/Marketing Consultant for an Architect, which I also Love. But up until the age of 30, I did not like My Jobs. But since then, I’ve been extremely happy Pursuing My Artistic Careers, and working for the Architect.

3) Yep, #3 I kind of covered in #2
4) – I Love where I live… I’m actually living where I grew up at the moment, which is an Amazing Place. But I also Loved Living up in San Jose, which I did for a Year and a Half. Wouldn’t mind being up there, but then again my last girlfriend is up there, so, Lol Maybe not

Professional, And/Or Artistic Life

1) – Once again, I kind of covered this in Question #2 up above.

2) – I spend the majority of my time with People who either are Supportive of what I do, or Encouraging of it… But this has not always been the case. I really started making sure that I’m around the right kind of people (And when I say ‘right kind’, I mean people who create a conducive environment for me) when I was around 30. It’s Extremely Important… It takes a lot of Work, and Guts to Put yourself out there and Pursue what you Love… And having people in our lives that Discourage Us, Don’t Believe In Us, or Belittle what we do, is simply Devastating… I will not allow this… I do not allow this. But, once again, before the age of 30, I was with someone who absolutely Discouraged me and was not Supportive. Since we split, I only surround myself with people that are not that way.  Whether they’re Family, or not…. I won’t tolerate it. Needless to say, you don’t see me at all the Family Picnics, Lol

3) – By Creating My Many Blogs, especially this one, The Dark Globe, and Dark’s Media Empire… It has Created an Opportunity to ‘not see if everyone’ likes my work, but rather to determine if ‘anyone’ likes my work.

From what I’ve heard, it’s good to Create something that you, yourself Like, and or Love… And then if there’s others that feel the same? Great! In My First Year of Pursuing Writing as a Profession, I have determined that some People Like My Poems, Some My Stories, some My Editorials, Some Like all of these things, or a couple of these things… And some don’t care for any of them, and simply don’t come back to my site. So, to me, it’s been a Great Success.

Would I continue Pursuing Writing Professionally if absolutely no one seemed to like it? Maybe not. I mean, I might continue to Write for my own Enjoyment, but I’m not sure I’d keep Posting it, to No, or Bad Response, Lol… Might be kind of hard on the Self Esteem, Lol

Anyway, Nuff Said

Would Love to Hear your Answers to some of these Questions

Thanks for Listening/Reading



4 Responses to “Refining What You Do… In Life… And In Work”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    what a great post…
    so thought out and articulated that everyone reading will probably do a review such as this…
    when I wonder through cyberspace I am always amazed at the similarities of thoughts, ways of living, what and who we uncluttered to be where we are today….
    yes I know we are drawn to the similar, the familiar but I think (speaking for just me) I love the diversity that calls me to read…
    a title, an energy captures my attention and I am drawn in…
    okay rambling over LOLs..
    bottom line or perhaps the top? I enjoyed this very much…
    and will sit down when I get home from work and fill in the blanks for me and my life….
    Thank you …for sharing your thoughts today…
    Take Care…

    • Very Nice LadyBlue, I’m Glad you liked the Post

      I’m going through some Transitional Times at the moment, and I find Myself asking these types of Questions… And I like to Write about the Processes I go through, in addition to Products of My Creative Efforts.

      Thanks again for your Comment, and Feedback


  2. Sarah Reardon Says:

    What a wonderful post, I have been revaluating my life of late, trying to decide the people that are best for me at this stage of my journey. I often think that the people that truly know you and accept you for who you are, the real you and love you for it are keepers.

    People come in and out of our lives for reasons only we realise later. I have had to walk away from friends and family that haven’t been good for me but I have always given them a reason. The hardest moments are when the ones we care deeply for walk away with no explanation and no reason.

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