I Walk Through Thee

~I Walk Through Thee~

As I stand here 3 Feet Above the Ground

One Hand to my Chin

My Clothing Soft, and Baggy

Spinning Oh so Slowly

I Ponder the many Mortal Trappings

And External Experiences Thus Far

I Tilt My Head Slightly Upward

Noting The Sun Rise, Then Sun Set in One Broad Sweep

And to the Left, Look how the Moon Does Shine This Night

The Ground Below Me Begins to fill with Water

Deep Blue

Inside My Reflection Below I see a Boy

And Now a Girl… Look how they Play

As I stretch my arms Outward, Snow Begins to Fall

A Sudden Chill Fills the Air

I am Not Alone

I Close My Eyes and Take a Deep Breath…

Deeper Now

A Romping of Thunder Can be heard in the Distance

I think about the Things I’ve been Through

The Pleasures… The Pains

The Highs… The Lows

The Loves… The Loss

Suddenly the Cool Air Turns to Clouds as I Open My Eyes

I am in the Sky

When I move my hands It Feels as though These Clouds are Like Water

There is Resistance to it

I start to spin more Rapidly now

And Fall

Head First

My… Look at all the Stars

And Lights

And Landscapes

How The Colors, and Textures Fill Me

I am Not Alone

As I Rapidly Descend Upon the Earth Below

The Dirt… The Meadows… The Rocks… Earths Glow

I Think of You

I am Not Alone

Darkness Be Gone… I am a Million Shattered Lights

And you are my Kite that Carries me again and again into the Sky

I am on my Bed

Looking at the Ceiling, which is Mirrored

I point at me

You are with me…


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10 Responses to “I Walk Through Thee”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    wow, this gave me cold chills. Not the bad kind, but the powerfull kind. and I must add, you, seeing both the boy and the girl. Rare is the person who knows that.

  2. Cool that you caught that… I write instinctively for the most part. I noticed that I did that in Sweet Embrace as well. Thank you for the kind words, I found this one to be a bit different than the others, was curious what the affect would be.


  3. I love to write, but i have trouble writing something as deep and poignant as this. I guess that’s why I write humor. I make people laugh, while you make them think. Excellent job. I have a question. Who or what is the kite that carries you again and again into the sky?

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad to hear it had affected you this way. Chances are if you can appreciate the depth and poignancy of something, you might have the ability of writing something with such an affect yourself. I’m not a teacher by any means, but perhaps humor is what you feel “Comfortable” writing. I’m not actually a poet, and what I mean by that is I haven’t spent much time Writing Poetry. Many years back I did Write some Songs, which I then added Chorus to, which is very similar to Poetry. Creative Writing has been more of my thing. However, as someone very close to me who is more of a Poet said, Writing Poetry is often a way of Exploring yourself, which is potentially at least part of why I’ve late. You might try Writing some Poetry in a little hidden book for a while, and see what comes out. The only words I can suggest when doing this is to try to free yourself of boundaries whilst doing it… Listening to music well Writing sometimes helps. Beyond that, I was fortunate enough to grow up with a Mother that was very Emotional, and my Dad wasn’t around so I wasn’t exposed to a whole lot of Macho stuff if you will. I’m by all means not saying that all men are Macho, however my Dad is a bit… Well… Competitive with me, maybe because I’m the Oldest Son. The Creative Freedom/Environment that I grew up in may make it a bit easier for me to access emotions, as well as be comfortable expressing them. Beyond that, I suspect it’s just who I am. So like I say, turn down the lights, turn on some Music that you feel in tuned with at the time, and see what comes out. No Boundaries.

      Beyond that, to answer your question, and I admit it’s not always easy to decipher something that emotes out of me, but in this case I believe that My Spirit is the Kite that takes me again and again to the Sky.

      Thanks again for the Comment Bothered.


      • woops, I’m out and about right now, and I think I lost part of a sentence, and an additional sentence about why I”m currently Writing some Poetry. One reason was the Exploring myself thing, the other was I feel it’s a good way to Express Emotions that I’m going through.

  4. This is absolutely wonderful, kind of like a dream. Reading this makes me feel a little cold. It’s wonderful 🙂

    • Thank you Anna. Writing it definitely was like being in a Dream state. I was hoping that the Cold would reach some people, and it seems to have, which is very cool.


  5. I love it. You captured something special.

  6. Thank You Tim


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