DarkJade Presents – Star Wars???

While checking out some Sites I came across this Video from YouTube…

Here’s a bit about it;

n 2009, Casey Pugh challenged Star Wars fans to contribute their own 15-second segments to a crowd-sourced version of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. (The original Star Warsmovie, that is.)

Thousands of people replied, sending in clips that used people, dolls, dogs, ferrets and sock puppets to stand in for Luke, Han, Darth Vader, C-3PO, and the gang.

The result — called Star Wars Uncut — was finally released this month in all its crazy glory. It’s chock-full of inside jokes, garages and living rooms, Indiana Jones and Ingmar Bergman references, and Princess Leias of varying ages, sizes and races. And everyone grapples with putting together a decent Chewbacca costume. (Article Source)

I’ve Never Heard of, or seen it, and Truth Be Known, you’re goina have to be a Serious Star Wars Film Fan to Sit through it, as it’s TWO HOURS LONG!!!

That said, it is absolutely Hilarious… So get yourself some Popcorn and Snacks, and Sit back and Enjoy…

S.W.U., or… Star Wars Uncut:Director’s Cut – (Hint, watch for the Cat somewhere after the 11:20 mark, hilarious… And, enjoy the many… many… many faces of C-3PO, lol)

Didn’t make it through it?? Don’t feel bad

Did make it through it?? Holy S$@$!! Well Played, lol

Thanks for Listenen/Readen/Watchen


2 Responses to “DarkJade Presents – Star Wars???”

  1. Not only did I just watch the whole thing, I want them to make an Empire Strikes Back! Thanks for sharing, that was an epic fan tribute that would have never been possible with out the magic of the internet.

    • A True Star Wars Fan indeed… I also sat through the whole thing.

      And, I had the exact same thought as you, I want them to do the “Empire Strikes Back”.

      And I hope they do….

      You’re Welcome, and Thanks for the Comment Idiotphoto


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