My Heart’s just not in it…

What is it you ask

My mum hit 70 in August

With that I rolled

Age is a Mindset…

Or so I’m told

I love my Life

I Really do

Perhaps that’s the Problem

I start to cry

I am Strong

Forever Young

Three Cardiologist Appointments in One Week?

Alright, I’m done

I try to Surf Light

I do quite well

Despite this Black Wave

To spite this Swell

I sit on the floor

Look at these hands

Why can’t they Write

I’ve so many Plans

In my Greatest Imagination

Yes, in all that I Wield

The thing I want most

Is out of my Field

I love you Mom… Don’t go anywhere… Not yet… Stick it out for another 20 or so… I have so much to share… I’ve only just begun

Your Son James



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