Sucker Punch – An Important Message, In A Dark Package


There’s a Few Very Important things you should Keep In Mind before you “Embark” on Seeing “Sucker Punch“…

1) This is a Pretty Dark Film (And When I Say Dark, I mean There’s Bad People, Doing Some Pretty Bad Things In It)

2) Don’t Get Too Attached to Any Of The Characters… Nuff Said

3) It Basically has a “Very Strong” Graphic Novel Feeling to it (If You’re Not Familiar with what a Graphic Novel is, Think Highly Concentrated Comic Book… Generally More Intense Stories, with Very Strong, Well Done Art…

This Film was Directed, and Co-Written by, The Guy who Directed and Co-Wrote The Screenplay for 300 (Which was Originally a Graphic Novel)

And Also Directed “Watchmen“, which was “Very Much” Based on a Cult Classic Graphic Novel.

Both Which Are Pretty Dark Films, as Graphic Novels Often Are… Though Watchmen was a Bit Darker than 300 in My Opinion/Experience.

Basically If You’re Cool with Lobotomies, Violence, and Physical Abuse of Woman (Well Not “Cool” With it, but can Take it being in the Film), than maybe you’ll get something out of this Film…

For me, being A Film Maker, a Screenplay Writer, and a Writer in General, it’s Basically Like Doing Homework for me…

The Things I Liked About The Film;

1) Strong Female Characters, Especially The Lead (As Many of you may, or may not of noticed, I Write about, or Often Include, Strong Female Characters in My Stories… I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I grew up with a Very Strong Mom, who was a Single Mother of Four Kids, and a Hell of a Survivor… Coupled with the fact that I think Girls, Potentially, Are Bad A$$, Ha)

2) Fascinating “Imagination” Sequences Meaning Scenes that “Stem” from the Lead Character’s Imagination, as a way to “Deal” With Difficult Situations that she’s Actually Dealing With in Reality.

3) Good Message to Woman, or At Least Young Woman. Fight Fight Fight, for what you Deserve in This Life.

And Now For Some Video Footage That You Might Enjoy, Especially If You Don’t See The Film;

(Keep In Mind, The Fantasy Sequences Are Only Part of This Film, It’s The Reality Scenes That Are Darker)

Giant Samurais

Defeating Imaginary Enemies, Whilst In Reality, Defeating Real Ones

See This Film At Your Own Risk Like I say, I’m a Film Maker/Writer, so for me I wanted to Check it out… And I felt by the end, that It had some “Good Messages” about Surviving some “Real Difficult” Realities… But That’s Just Me

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening/Watching








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