Dark River


dark-riverDark River

This Dark River runs through me

It will not go away

It Latches to Displeasures…

Troubles and Dismay

This Dark River casts me out…

From Happiness, Pleasures, Love

But mostly when I Sleep…

This Dark River pushes and shoves

The disappointments we Feel are no more constant than the rain…darkriver10

Which passes through, it will not stay

The Loneliness that comes…

Deep within the night

Disappears with morning…

Sunrise’s First Light

Mortality’s not an easy thing, when taken all at once…

Best hold things closely in your Heart

Than watch them Fade away

This Dark River sometimes reaches my neck…

dark-river-wallpapers_31271_1280x800Clinches its Fists

Threatens my Breaths…

But like the tides

Of Ocean Filled Skies…

It pulls away

Leaving Sand Plucked Shells of life…

Filling jars of Hope, Joy and Beauty throughout the Day


PICTURE CREDITS – Synopsis, Jay Gidwitz, Dark River

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