One Knight (Chapter 2.5) – The Celebration

One Knight (Chapter 2.5)- The Celebration


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

CHAPTER TWO (Part Two); The Celebration

Meanwhile, within the Castle, all prepare for the great celebration, as peace fills the kingdoms walls.

The woman sew their dresses, as the returning knights simply sleep. Great feasts are prepared, flowers hung, speeches being written… It would truly be a wondrous night.

Meanwhile, deep within the Valley of Jjor, a small army of dark knights march through it’s windy pass.

Leading the knights is Baron Braug. On his right Ryme, his Adviser. On his left, the Sorcerer Onddos, an older white haired man, with a great scowl upon his visage.

“Is all prepared…” Onddos growled. “It is” responded the Baron.

At the back of the line of knights, there are three young girls, on three white horses, hands bound, and sacks over their heads.

Jade and Tyrions Chambers…

The two prepare, and dress their selves for the celebration. Jade is wearing a crushed green velvet dress, stunning, and a thin gold chain necklace, with a single pearl on the end of it.

Tyrian is dashing in black, with a white blowsy shirt.

“Will you speak to him…” Jade inquires as she powders her face. “Oh how I hate face powder, what is wrong with our natural skin, as the gods intended.”

Tyrian smiles “Yes, I shall speak with him…”

When the evening finally comes, the Great Hall is filled from brim to brim with Lords and Ladies, as all make merry, dance and sing. The king, most pleased, watches and taps his foot as his people celebrate the end of the Great Wars.

At last Tyrion and Jade make their entrance, the music stops, the masses part making a path straight to the Kings throne. “HUZZAH!!!” they cheered as they made their way to King Maelem. Jade blushed, and Tyrion waved in appreciation.

At last they reached the King, who was now standing. “Greetings Tyrion…” he then took Jade’s hand and kissed it “And the ever lovely Jade…” she smiled, and blushed. The King than made his way atop one of the Feast tables, his Royal Guard quickly stepped forward, in fear that he may fall. “I’m fine, I’m fine…” he waved them away.

The King than raised his goblet. “Tyrion… I have always thought of you as a son… And like a son, you have done me proud…” Tyrion bowes slightly. “And I know that you needs speak to me…” he looks at Tyrion who seems surprised by this. “I know this son” the King spoke softer. Jade tugs on Tyrian’s arm, he looks at her and shrugs, for he had not mentioned to the King that he was needing to speak.

“And I know what you would say… You would tell me how you had served me loyally for these fifteen years of constant war… And how you long to leave our Kingdom, and start a life a new with your young wife Jade…”

Tyrion stares in awe. How did the King know this.

“I know this, because I was once you… I too once had a young wife, but as I was King, I had no such option… But I do not regret this… Not for a day” “And our days together, your Queen and I, were lovely… Lovely indeed”.

The King steps down from the table, two of his Guards assisting him. He approaches Tyrion and Jade.

“But this is your time son…” he looks to Jade. “Both of your time…”. The King than waves his hands, and the Kingdoms Royal Architect runs forward holding a large set of plans. The King takes them, and lays em out upon one of the Feast Tables, his Guards move the food aside.

“And that’s why I’ve built you this…” in front of them is the schematics of a Great Keep. “Tananhall Keep“. “It took five years to do it, but by god we did it…”

Tyrion stares in utter shock, at the plans, then the King, then his wife. “My King–” Tyrion tries to speak, but the King interrupts “Do not deny me this my Son… Do not deny a Father his final wishes…” “As I am not dead yet, no… But I will not always be here… And I wish this”. Tyrion is stunned. Suddenly the crowd begins to cheer “HAZZAH!!!”, and all continue to celebrate, including The King, Jade and Tyrion.

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