Warriors Of Light – Vyle & Sparen


Warriors of Light – Vyle & Sparen

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V


As the party of four able adventurers, Chemney, Odle, Sparen and Vyle (All Introduced In Episode II) made their way out of the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands, and into the Southern Plains of the Mountain Region, they came across many a wild animal, but no real foes.

But on the fifth day of travel, as the air began to brisk a bit, even on the plains, Odle decided it might be a good idea to upgrade his mule mount, for a lion…

Yes, a lion.

As Odle chased around found lion with his axe and shield drawn, Chemney covered his eyes in embarrassment, as Vyle and Sparen watched from further back.

“This Dwarf is a fool…” Vyle scowled.

Meanwhile Sparen couldn’t help but laugh from her belly…

“Oh come on Vyle, lighten up, he’s a good soul,” Sparen replied.

“Good soul or not, he has us sitting in broad daylight in the middle of these plains, with nothing save our cloaks to hide us… Which I might ad, do not hide us.”

Vyle  was very unpleased.

At this point the lion was on top of Odle, doing it’s best to strike him.

“Need some help old friend?” spoke Chemney.

“I’m just fine!” feistyly replied Odle.


“Oh very well Vyle,” spoke Sparen softly as she began to shift her hands together without touching, in a snake type way.

“Brim Tou Vium,” her hands suddenly lit up in a very dark red flame like light, and suddenly the lion became a white kitten, and dropped down onto Odle’s shield.

“Meow… Meow” it wined.

“What the?” Chimney gasped, then looked back at Sparen who was smiling.

Vyle smiled as well, “Not bad Mage… Not bad.”

Soon the four of them were off, leaving the kitten behind.


“I had it…” spoke Odle as they rode off.

An hour later, the kitten returned to lion form.


2 Responses to “Warriors Of Light – Vyle & Sparen”

  1. An amusing twist at the end that after all the effort to find a lion, it is left behind in the end.

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