White Sands

White Sands

Every Night She Walks alone…

On the White Sands

Her Heart’s Time

And as she Casts her Dark Eyes Skyward

Captivated by the Night

The Hopes Brimming Starlight…

But she is not Alone…


She’s never been Alone

For her it is only a matter of Time…

Her Heart Heals…

Her Smile Broadens

Her Scent Picked up from the Cold Wide Sea

And while you wait…

I will be the one that Holds you

That tells you everything’s going to be alright

We Lift into the sky

The Cool Breeze carries us

Close your Eyes

Warmth… Love… All Inside

Rest your Dark Eyes Gentle Wanderer…

Everything’s going to be alright

You’re not alone

You’ve never…

Been alone




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