I.D.O (The Conclusion) – Stranger Ends

“I Died Once” – Writing Project

a Novella

by DarkJade

THE CONCLUSION – Stranger Ends

When my Father and I returned to his Estate, we were both exhausted…

Both emotionally, and physically… All this Bonding, and Revelations were becoming quite Tiresome…

And yet…

And so we each made our way to our individual bedrooms, for further rest.

Strangely his Dark Skinned House Man was not present when we arrived, and yet it seemed to be his Primary Duty to greet my Father, and or other Visitors… Hmm

Quickly my eyes grew heavy as I fall upon my bed…

What an Adventure this has all been…

What a Life my Father Leads…

I’m starting to not mind Africa so much… Not that I’ve had the presence of mind to mind much of anything as of late…

And so I sleep…


I wake up… And a man in an All White Suit is standing in front of me, holding a Rifle…

“Time for you to come home Mady… Your Father’s been very worried about you…” he says with a maniacal grin.

I have simply stopped breathing.

I suppose passing out is my only way out.

“CLICK” the sound of a gun cocking suddenly comes from the door… It’s my Father holding a Revolver.

“Step away from the girl…” he speaks softly.

“You don’t want to do this Mr. Monroe… I–” the stranger speaks, but is interrupted.

“Mady, step out…” my Father tells me, and without a second thought, I jump out of bed and do what my Father tells me… The Stranger’s Eyes following me the whole way.

When I reach the Living Room I hear my Father Call out to me…

“FURTHER MADY!”… And so I go out to the backyard, and hide underneath my Father’s Plane.


“You’re going to regret this Mr. Monroe… Do you know who I am??” speaks the stranger.


“BAM!! BAM!!”.

Two shots were all that I heard…

My Father had found the House Man tied up in his closet, and that was all it took… He simply waited for the man to return again. The man never stood a chance.


After that, my Father and I lit a Fire in the Living Room Fireplace, and sat before it. Me curled up in a chair, with a soft white blanket… And he on the couch, looking into the firelight.

“What shall we do Father… How will this ever end?” I asked softly.

“Oh, it will end…” he prodded at the fire with a metal poker as he spoke “It will surely end…”.

He went on to tell me that other men would come… But at some point Fred would stop sending hired guns, and come himself.

And on that day, it would end.

And indeed he was right… In the 5 weeks following that night, 6 attempts were made to take me, and/or my life… sometimes they’d comes in sets of two…

But none would prevail…

My Father killed them all, each time having me leave the house… And I have no idea what he did with the bodies… I think he wanted it that way.

Some sort of a desperate attempt to maintain any semblance of innocence inside me.

But I, like my Father, knew what he was doing, and why it needed to be done. And so my Soul was safe.

And when the day finally came where my Step Father Fred at last stepped down on African Soil, he never made it more than 3 miles from the Train Station… My Father’s Loyals made sure of that.

My Father preferred not to kill people he actually knew, as he is a Hunter, not a Killer…

And besides, we were busy playing Backgammon at home

Home… A word I had never until now truly known.

In three years, when my Mother’s Estate, and all that entails, becomes mine… I will simply sell it…

And that Fine Boy Tommy Wilkens, and his Family, would receive a Check in the amount of $200,000.

Hopefully that would be enough to hold them over for a while, or perhaps get them a home of their own.

The rest of the money would merely sit in my Savings, as I spend my days in Africa, with my Father…

I miss my Mother… I never thought I’d feel that way… But I do.

But it’s become quite clear to me why she loved my Father…

He is as study as a mountain…

As Constant as the Sunrise…

As loving as a Winter Storm… When there’s need for rain…

Let it rain I say…

Let it rain.


PHOTO CREDIT – Stranger in the Dark



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3 Responses to “I.D.O (The Conclusion) – Stranger Ends”

  1. I absolutely LOVED the ending, especially the last few sentences. Very well written, Darkjade, a fitting conclusion đŸ™‚

    • Thank you Anna

      It’s nice to know I had at least one follower on this story, lol

      I really like the Mady Character, and hadn’t actually set out to end it today… However, I’ve been feeling that there wasn’t really a need to try to stretch it out any further, so when pen hit paper, it just hit me that it was time for it to end.

      Thanks for the Compliment, and Comment


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