Allure… Uncle Tom

Allure… Uncle Tom

by DarkJade-

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

“Something seemed Strange about La Fon today… As if he knew… This couldn’t last.”

Arram stands in a phone booth, reading her “Vampire’s Lust” Romance Novel, as the phone rings on the other end.

“Yeah… Uncle Tom??” she sits the book down in the phone booth.

“Uh huh… Uh huh… Yeah… I’m fine… I–” she tries to speak but Uncle Tom fills her ear.

“Sure… Yeah… $300 is fine… Yeah… Yeah… Ok… Thank you Uncle Tom” she’s about to hang up, but continues to speak.

“Oh and Uncle Tom? You were right about bringing the Crossbow… Uh huh… Ok” she hangs up.

Meanwhile Seth is sprawled out in the back seat of Arram’s Mustang, his feet sticking out the window, Ipod blaring, while playing a hand held video game.

“Do you really have to sit your feet on my window sill?” Arram says in her “annoyed” tone, as she gets into the car and starts the engine.

VROOOM!!” though the car looks run down, its engine purrs.

They make their way down the road, Arram seems lost in thought.

“SHOOT!!” she suddenly hits the breaks…


Seth slides off the back seat, and on to the back seat floor.

“WHAT THE HELL ARRAM!!??” he yells.

Meanwhile Arram swings the car around and drives back to the phone booth

“I totally forgot my book!!” she explains in panic.

As she approaches, she can see that it’s still inside the phone booth.

“So what?? What is it with you and that trashy book??!!” Seth says.

She pulls up to the phone booth, gets out, grabs the book, and gets back in the car.

SLAM” goes the door.

“This isn’t just a trashy Vampire Romance Book…” she steps on the gas, as Seth is climbing up to the front seat of the car.


“This is a Trashy Vampire Book that My Mom Wrote!!” she explains.

With this Seth looks at the Author Page of the book.

“Miranda Bloom??” he says.

“That’s a Ghost Name…” she replies.

“Ghost Name??” Seth looks at her confused, as they make their way North up the Expressway.

“You know… A fake name that Authors sometimes use, as opposed to using their real names” she explains.

“Oh… But this picture isn’t your Mom?” he holds up the book, and there’s an older woman in the picture.

“It’s a Ghost Photo” with this she grabs the book, and sits it back on the bench seat.

“I didn’t know your Mom was a Writer?” Seth explains.

“Yeah well…” she looks over at him “Neither did I”.


A couple hours north, they pull into a town, and she pulls up to a bank.

“I need to grab some cash out of my account, then we’ll get something to eat” she explains, jumps out of the car, and takes cash out with her bank card.

Meanwhile Seth peers around the town suspiciously, noticing how quiet it is.

Arram jumps back in “Ready?” she says, and Seth nods.


The two of them have Burgers, Fries, and Milk Shakes on the table as they feast away… Arram’s Shake is Strawberry, and Seth’s is Chocolate.

SLUUURPPP… SLUUURRPPP” Seth finishes his with a Slurp.

“That dude had claws Arram…” Seth suddenly says.

Arram looks at him, not really knowing what to say “I know.”

“And he was super strong… Like… Unnaturally” he continues, but Arram just kind of nods in agreement.

“And his eyes glowed red…” she finishes…

SLUUURPPP… SLUUURRPPP” she finishes her shake as well.

“Kinda like a Vampire… Or somethen” he replies.

She shakes her head… “Yeah… Kinda like a Vampire.”

Seth knows better than to continue the subject, so he switches it.

“This is a really quiet town Arram” Seth says, and with this Arram looks around the Diner, where there is basically one other person sitting at the counter, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee.

“You’re right…” she replies.

“Do you think he’s already here?” Seth asks.

Arram lets her Bright Blue Hair out of her Ponytail “I don’t know… Maybe”.

“Didn’t he say to stop following him?” Seth says nonchalantly as he dips three french fries into a great dollop of Ketchup.

“Seth… If you want to go home… Go home… I’m not stopping you” she says to him with a stern look.

He looks up at her “Nah… This is way too much fun.”

“HaHaHa” They both laugh.

Suddenly without even hearing him, the man who was at the counter stands at their table, cigarette in mouth, drinking away at his coffee… He’s maybe a 60 something year old, warn out dude.

“I recon you two are the reason that young, slick fellow is standing out in the parking lot looking in here?” the man says.

Arram and Seth look at one another not wanting to look out the window.

Finally Aram does…

And there’s a well dressed thirty something year old man in a very nice suit standing by Aram’s car, looking in at them, and waving for them to come outside.

“Phew!!” they both let out sighs of relief when they see that it isn’t… Him.



Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt


27 Responses to “Allure… Uncle Tom”

  1. i enjoyed your story’s fast pacing. 🙂

  2. Ohh the onomatopoeia in this one! Totally love how you made it stand out.

  3. I found myself breahting “Pheeeew” when they found out it was uncle Tom. Didn’t relaise I had been holding my breath the whole time lol I love this story!

    • Hee Hee, that’s not Uncle Tom… But… I was trying to scare people with that, Lol… Even when I wrote that part I got goosebumps, Lol… And each time I reread it.

      I’m glad you like it, I’m having fun with it, and the Story is starting to come to me… The past, and the future.


      • Nice played 😉 …this is my kind of story, grew up reading Anne Rice, it’s really hard to let go of vampire stories…

        • Yeah, I’ve never really Written one, though I know they’re Huge now… I do have a Vampire Character in My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha…”, but he’s one of Many Characters in that Story.


  4. Cooool you put the song here : ) yeah it’s nice, love it! Thanks!
    As Veeh said, fast pacing, that is the right word and one of the reason I enjoy it. And it makes you wanna know more, questions are popping up while reading, etc. Very nice, I’m loving this story already!
    Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Thank you so much H

      Interesting that a couple people have mentioned the fast pacing, I guess maybe it’s because I don’t use a lot of filler, I try to make every moment interesting… From what they’re eating, to the song on the radio Etc. I try to Write something I’d want to read, which I’ve heard is a good thing to do.

      I’m glad questions are popping up, I’m definitely leaving “Bread Crumbs” (Clues) all over, if you know what I mean

      Thanks so much H, I forgot to mention to you that I used the song… I thought since I didn’t have the actual “Vampire” Character in this one, that the song would help to keep that “Vampire” feeling going, Lol


      • Maybe, and it isn’t fast paced in a bad way, it’s very enjoyable this way.
        Yes, yes, I’ve noticed the bread crumbs : ) it’s good!

        Good idea, this song is pretty perfect here.
        This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren (« Cocteau Twins ») (on my blog the music I posted once) can also be good for such a story but not at this point. or Röyksopp – What Else Is There?, Julia Stone – This Love, …

        • I’ll have to check out those Songs

          Thanks H


          • Yes Paris is lovely, it’s busy of course but probably not in the American way Lol. And you have a nice promenade, a huge park where people go sit in the summer, have lunch, eat an ice-cream or go for a jogging.
            I find it’s like London but in a French way, cleaner also and more “open”, like you can breathe… I love their “luxe” shops, for teas, herbs & spices, chocolates, … Very French lol
            But I don’t really like the Parisians, they’ve a way to make you feel they’re above you lol

            Barcelona is a great city!

            I’d love to visit New Orleans! And NY of course, Mexico…
            I’ve only been to Miami and Atlanta, both for business so I did not see much but I liked Miami, although not to live there…

            • Miami seems interesting to me… Yes, New York and New Orleans were Lovely/Awesome

              New Orleans was Business for me, but I still really enjoyed it…

              New York I took My Dad with me (he was also born there), to go see My Short Film in a Film Festival… That was Awesome… Also we went to Time Square which was just Amazing… Like Las Vegas on Steroids, Lol… Everything was so Tall/Huge… We saw a Production of “Phantom of The Opera” down there, which was also just Awesome.


  5. Your short film was in a festival? how awesome! Is it on line somewhere?
    NY, that must be something! One must feel really alive there but also very stressed maybe…

    • I wasn’t sure if you had seen it, yeah, I recently put it on YouTube, and also have it on this Site Here “If Not Now…”

      After 9/11, People in New York Calmed for a while… I’m not sure how they are now, but they were very pleasant when I went… And yeah, it did Feel Very Alive there, especially in Time Square


      • Wow, I’m impressed James! Short films aren’t easy, I know because my cousin is an actor and he did some but you’ve always to stay within a specific amount of time, etc. So you’ve to deliver in such a short window of time your message! I love the end! Great, great job!

        • Thank you H… Film has been drawing me back lately, I’m considering to start Filming Some Shakespeare, and putting it up on “YouTube”… Starting with “Hamlet”, which is My Favorite all time Play

          We shall see, trying to figure out the Crew Etc. at the moment… Will Film the First Scene Below My Mom’s Deck, a perfect Spot for it

          Thanks so much for your Kind Words… No one in it thought I could pull it off with the Footage I got either… But it came out ok I think


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