Captain Fire 197 – Sahnon Moon

Wola!! The New Doo was Done.

Now hopefully Jono would like it.

As we made our way to the Noragon System and the departure of Tamaron, who I had begun to be rather attached to, the Star System around us began to be a bit “Rocky”, if you will.

“Captain, we’ve entered a Meteor Storm!!”

Rud and Nef Proclaimed to Captain Fire.

Captain Fire was not amused. “Stay on course, perhaps we will get through it before it gets any worse”.

Meanwhile down below the Planet Toro and it’s Moons were taking a hit.

I suppose I should feel bad at a time like this, as I still found myself wondering what Jono would think of my New Hairdo. When I saw Jenna in the Hallway “That’s very Nice Nisho…” But I was beginning to wonder if she ever said anything that wasn’t nice. So I continued down the Passageway towards where Tamaron was staying, and that’s when I ran into Jono…

“You’d best get back to your Cabin, and get fastened in Nisho… We’re in for a bumpy ride…” he continued down the hallway, then halted and turned back at me. “Did you do something to your hair?” “Gasp” was my reply. He then continued. I had absolutely no idea whether that was a compliment, or an insult. And truthfully, I didn’t really care. He looked my way. How pathetic I am.

“Captain this Storm is going to tear us apart…” Tyo interjected as Captain Fire dished out orders. “You’re right of course Tyo… Rud, Nef, bring us down on that furthest Moon… The Sahnon Moon… I believe there’s an Active Moon Base there, we should be able to find Refuge”.



PHOTO CREDITS – Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Werewolf Love Story (The Boys Pack)



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  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    perfect. next?

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