Allure… The Truth

Allure… The Truth

“Just As La Fon Was About To Finish Vincent, Yet A Third Vampire Entered My Room… It Was His Top Hatted Friend… With The Swirly Brown Mustache… “Don’t Do It La Fon… Vincent Was Only Protecting Your Honor… Something You Seemed To Have Forgotten About In Your Dealings With This Human…” Thomas’s Eyes Were Different Than Vincent’s Green, Or La Fon’s RedNo, His Glowed A Dark Blue… La Fon With This, Released Vincent From His Choke Hold...”

“”Fraaah!!” Vincent Hissed, Then Disappeared Into The Night… Thomas Then Went Back Into The Shadows As Well… Leaving Just La Fon And I. As I Stared At La Fon, My Love, Not Knowing Just What To Say… He Spoke These Words… “I Will Always Wait For You…” As He Stepped Slowly Backwards Into The Shadows…”

“And I Was Alone Again…”



The Second Vampire drove his grey Porsche into a lot where there was an abandoned building.

He got out of his car, and stepped inside.

Meanwhile Arram and Roy Milon had thrown her Dark Blue Mustang into neutral, dowsed the car lights, and rolled up along the side of the road near the abandoned building.

“I don’t like this” says Roy.

“Why? Our Vampire’s probably in there? We can finally put an end to this, and I can go home…” replies Arram as she gets out of the car, and opens the trunk.

She once again pulls out her Crossbow, but this time brings Arrows, or Crossbow Bolts rather, that have containers on the tips full of Holy Water.

She shuts the trunk, and starts to move towards the building, with Roy right behind her, as he loads bullets which also have Holy Water in them into his sawed off shotguns.

“Yeah, but doesn’t all of this seem a bit… Oh, I don’t know… Convenient? he asks.

With this Arram comes to a sudden halt, and looks at him.

“Probably… Now lets do this” she replies, and they both enter a side entrance into the building.

Inside it is absolutely pitch black…

Not a mouse stirring…

Not even a Rat.

They sepparate, Arram going left, and Roy right.

Arram is extremely light footed, and doesn’t make a sound.

Meanwhile, Roy, though a large muscular guy, is also pretty quiet.

The oh too familiar Coldness Fills the air…

“So You’re The One That’s Been Pestering La Fon…” a voice comes from the darkness, and two dark blue glowing eyes start to come towards Arram.

“La Fon?” Arram replies in disbelief, as she quickly raises her Crossbow up to shoot…

But not quick enough as the Vampire knocks it from her hands with lightning speed, shattering it into pieces before it even hits the ground.

She can see him now, it’s the Vampire with the 1800’s looking mustache.

“Allow Me To Introduce Myself… I Am Thomas” he speaks.

What Thomas lacks in looks, he certainly makes up for in charm.

Meanwhile Roy sees Thomas, and is about to shoot, when…

“I Wouldn’t Do That If I Were You” La Fon’s comes from behind him… But before he can turn around and shoot…

“RUN ARRAM!!” he yells, and then is whacked across the room some 30 to 40 feet, landing against a bunch of old office desks.


“ROYYY!!” Arram yells, and runs by Thomas, and kneels down by Roy’s side…

He is barely conscious.

“They set us up…” Roy says, before going unconscious.

The two Vampires now stand about ten feet away from Arram.

She swallows deeply, then stands to face them.

“Just $#$@#’ing Kill Me Already!!” she says with conviction.

This impresses Thomas.

“Take Him Out Back…” La Fon says to Thomas, and in a flash of light, he grabs Roy’s unconscious body, and dissapears with him out a back window.


“NOO!!” Arram yells.

“It’s Alright Daisy Arram… We Won’t Kill Him…” speaks La Fon as he slowly circles her.

Nervous, and frankly scared to death, Arram throws her blue hair back into a ponytail, as it had fallen down.

“Not yet” he finishes.



Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

Part Thirteen – Thomas

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  1. I read this one last night, I was “and now what? want more!” lol and then I found the next part riding in the bus tonight : )

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