Chess With Agatha (Chapter Seven) – Elias

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade




Iliad sits in a chair across from  Agatha’s four post bed, where she sleeps.

Her blankets and bedding are white, with throw pillows in an assortment of blues.

Hemmingbyrd enters the room.

“Is she awake??” he asks as he approaches the bed.

“Not yet” Iliad replies “May I go now?” he asks.

Hemmingbyrd then tosses Iliad his Yellow Ring “Here… I have something else for her… You keep your ring, you may need it around here” Hemmingbyrd explains.

Iliad looks at the ring, as if disappointed “Alright” and leaves the room.

Just then Agatha begins to awaken.

“What… Where am I?” she says as her eyes sleepily open.

“You’re in your chambers… How are you feeling my girl” Hemmingbyrd takes one of her hands into his.

“I’m okay… I think” she looks around the room, sunlight is coming through the window.

“Good… Good… Well… Yes… Quite good… Ondo really” he replies.

She looks at him “Elias… When I arrived, you said I have the look of Elias… And then Jodan said I was of Elias’s Blood…”.

“Ahh, yes” he stands, and replies.

“You’re not talking about… Agamemnon… Are you??” she looks at Hemmingbyrd quizzically.

Hemmingbyrd paces about the room with his hands behind his back.

He stops and looks at her “Elias… Is the King of the Dark Fortress of Doom… Though I still can’t for the life me understand why he would rule such a dark place” he explains.

“That’s what this place is called?? Well… Now that just makes sense” she replies.

“Right… Well… Looking at it… Yes… But if you knew your Father–” he starts, but she interrupts.

“My Father??” she questions.

With this, Hemmingbyrd makes his way back to the chair by her bed, and takes her hand once more.

“Elias… The King of The Dark Fortress of Doom… Is your Father…” he explains.

A blank look crosses her face “My… Father??”.

“Well… Here anyway… In your world, he, or “Agamemnon” as you call him, is also your father… But… There, he is no King… And… Looks a bit differently… Here he has Golden Hair… Like you” he explains.

Agatha looks  a bit overwhelmed by all of this, and begins to look a bit woosey.

Seeing this, Hemmingbyrd rises “Rest now girl… We’ll talk more tomorrow”.

“Where is he Hemmingbyrd?? I want to… Meet him” she sits up excitedly, though still woosey.

He is hesitant to reply, but then she speaks again.

“Wait… The Imprisoned King… The one in my Visions… That’s My… Father?” she asks, already knowing the answer.

Hemmingbyrd smiles slightly “Rest Agatha… We have much to do, and little time to do it” with this he steps backwards out of the door, and shuts it behind him.

Leaving Agatha’s bright blue questioning eyes behind him.




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2 Responses to “Chess With Agatha (Chapter Seven) – Elias”

  1. DarkJade! I have returned from the horrible depths of house-moving and getting trapped by beanbags.

    Just wanted to thank you for all the nice comments you’ve left in my absence, and to let you know service shall be resuming as normal on Monday.

    Awesome piece by the way 🙂

    • Arghh, I hope there were no Yellow or Orange Ones, as they are surely the worst. Moving sucks, Amen to that.

      You’re Welcome, it’s been terribly Quiet about without you… Try not to move again too soon, lol

      I hope you Enjoy your New Home, I actually like getting New Homes… There’s only so many Positions I can Put my Bed in the same old place.

      Thanks for the Compliment by the way.

      I’m Glad you’re back.


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