Chess With Agatha (Chapter XVI) – Agatha Rising

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XVI – Agatha Rising



Their horses hidden, Agatha and Morr stand in the middle of a main pathway in the Windhorn Pass, between two high rock hills.

Agatha’s golden blond hair glimmers from the occasional bits of sunlight that peak through the otherwise foggy morning.

Her normally unnaturally bright blue eyes, darkened.

As usual, Agatha tries to make small talk with Morr, but this time it’s more out of nervousness, doubt and fear of what is to come.

“Well…” she speaks to Morr who is standing maybe four feet to the right of her, peering up the path ahead of them.

He looks over at her.

“How many do you think they’ll be” she finishes.

“Eight Dark Archers, plus The Queen” he states as he starts to move to the rock hill to the right “I’m getting up top on this right side, I recommend you take the left hill” he tells her.

“Okay…” she replies and playfully salutes in Morr’s general direction.

Once she makes her way to the top of the left rock hill overlooking the pass below, she tries to speak through thought once more to Agamemnon back in her world, who of course in this world is The Captured King Elias… But she still thinks of Agamemnon as her friend from her world, though she now knows he is her Father.

It’s very confusing.

“Father… Agamemnon… Are you there?” she questions.

“Barely… I’ve come down with a sudden incapacitating Flu” he replies to her in her mind.

“I suspect… They’re torturing Elias, me, of your world” he finishes.




The massive form of the Golden Haired King Elias, chained to a dark and dismal wall, his body looking under nourished, and weakened.

Before him stands The Dark and Formidable Form of  King Eterr, and his two Grey Shadow Wizards… The one with the eye patch sneering menacingly, as he holds a red flame in his hand, held out in front of him.

“You best have your “Other Side” stop sending Agatha little “Helpful Messages”” The King speaks to Elias, who looks to have suffered several dark burns on his now bare chest.

“You are lost Eterr You shall not defeat My Daughter, with, or without My Help” he replies.

“None the less” King Eterr replies, and then looks at his patch eyed Shadow Wizard “Again” he speaks to him.

With this The Shadow Wizard blows on the Red Flame, and it hisses across the room and strikes Elias’s Chest, and all that can be heard from outside the castle is a harrowing scream of a King.



Agatha still sits atop her rock hill.

“I can not help you My Daughter… I’m–” Agamemnon’s voice fades away.

“Father?? Are you there?” she questions, but he does not reply.

Suddenly a small pebble strikes Agatha’s shoulder. She looks up, and it is Morr, he is gesturing down the road some one hundred feet or so away where on a Great Black Horse Queen Sorceress Olamna rides at a galloping pace, her Eight Dark Archers riding at her side.

“Gasp” Agatha gasps.

Suddenly The Queen comes to an abrupt halt, her Dark Archers following suit.

The Queen’s Eyes Glow Green, and the Dark Archers dismount, and position their selves in front of her horse, bows drawn back in readiness.

With this Morr suddenly appears down on the road below, standing with his arms crossed, his eyes Glowing Yellow.

The Queen smiles evilly “Morr” she speaks under her breath.

Morr hearing her distant whisper bows slightly.

“HOLY ARROWS!!” She commands, and the Archers all draw forth Arrows of White Light, and ready themselves once more.

Suddenly, before Morr realizes it, Agatha lands before him in a single bound… Standing right before him, facing him, her hair Transformed once more to a Dark Black… Her Eyes Burning a Vivid Blue.

“Here” she quickly states and in one swift movement places the Silver Necklace with the Blue Amulet that Hemmingbyrd had given to her, around Morr’s neck.

He smiles knowingly, she then draws her silver blade from Agamemnon’s Cherry Red Walking stick,holds it above her head, and leaps backwards into the air…

Just as she does the eight holy arrows strike Morr’s Chest, and turn quickly into Blue Dust…


He smiles.

Meanwhile Agatha does several back flips, and lands some fifty feet from The Queen and her Dark Archers.

“So… You are the Fearless Agatha…” hisses the Queen.

Suddenly The Dark Archers let loose their next shots, with normal arrows, at Agatha… But she quickly cuts the arrows from the air with her Silver Blade.


“Tell me Queen… Do you prefer we bring your Head Back to Your King… Or simply bury it here” questions Agatha with a sneer, and that’s when Morr struck at the Dark Archers, tearing their throats out one by one, in a matter of moments.


And with eight thumps, their bodies slumped lifelessly to the ground.

With this The Queen’s Horse kicked its front legs into the air, and her great, twisted staff began to glow a “Morbid Green”.


The Queen bellows.

“Oh it will be…” replies Agatha as she and Morr both leap at her.


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Archer Waiting


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  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Nice to drift away into another land, love the story 🙂

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