Chess With Agatha (Chapter XI) – Vanishing Sky

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XI – Vanishing Sky

The further the party goes into The Labyrinth, the more the Sky appears to Disappear… 

Leaving only a blackened mist, with few hopes of light… And so the Walls have mounted torches every thirty feet or so.

Four of the Dark Fortress of Doom Guards walk in front, their hands upon their sword handles, in preparation for something… Beastly.

The other four bring up the rear, where Iliad has planted himself, and insists on telling them terrible, forgettable jokes for most of the journey… With the occasional “Song of Impending Doom” that he duth break into from time to time.

Meanwhile, Hemmingbyrd walks right behind the front guards, from where he decides on which twists and turns they should take… And Jodan and Morr behind him.

And that’s when the voice came.

“You are not ready for battle Agatha… Not… Yet” he explains.

“Who… Is This?” Agatha replies within her head.

“Agamemnon… Or… Elias” he replies.

“From my world??” she questions, meanwhile Hemmingbyrd doth peak over his shoulder as if he knows she’s thinking to someone… Which of course, he does know.

“Yes… And no” the voice replies.

“You were not born in this world Agatha… You were born where you are now… You are only now returning to your “True” Home” he explains.

Just then Hemmingbyrd issues the guards to stop.

“Halt…” he speaks, and then stands perfectly still, as if listening for something with his mind.

“He knows we’re here” Morr suddenly speaks.

Hemmingbyrd looks at Morr, and nods in agreement.

“Continue on” Hemmingbyrd orders, and so they do.

The guards look more than a tad bit… Nervous.

“Fear Not… Do Not Dismay”

Iliad suddenly breaks into song.

“We’re All Dead… I Dare Say”

Also breaking into cartwheels as he sings.

“ENOUGH FOOL!!” Hemmingbyrd orders fiercely, which stops Iliad in his tracks.

“Sorry Hemmingbyrd” Iliad replies quietly, and returns to the back of the party.

“Bring The Fool She Says!” Jodan speaks in frustration.

“If I’m not ready Father… Er… Agamemnon… Then what am I to do… I don’t wish to get these men killed” Agatha speaks in her mind.

“Stay close to Morr…he replies.

“Somehow, I always do” she replies back.

Suddenly the next closest torches go out… And the party stops.

With this, Iliad is suddenly by Agatha’s side “If anything happens, get behind me” he says as he gestures towards the protective shield ring which once again rests on his finger.

Just then a Huge Spear shoots through the air, and out of the darkness, striking one of the guards in the chest!

Ooomf Argghh!!” he yells as he falls to the ground.

HAHAHA!! laughter can be heard from ahead of them, sounding as if it’s fading off into the distance.

Just as quickly as the guard has fallen, Hemmingbyrd is kneeling at his side, cradling him from the ground.

“Hold on man… Hold on” he says as he wipes blood from his mouth, and tries to slowly remove the Giant Spear.

“The rest of you go on, there is no time to spare” Hemmingbyrd orders.

“Leave me but one guard, I shall rejoin you as soon as I can” he explains.

“Now, Go!”

With this one of the remaining guards kneels by the wounded man’s side as well, and the rest of them continue on.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Myth of Theseus


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