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Dark Angel


by DarkJade

“You Can Not Help Her…”

“Our Time Has Come…”

“She Needs To Figure This Out For Herself…”

“And Passed…”

If I Can Not Protect Her

Then I Will Be With Her

If I Can Not Guide Her

Then I Will Know Her




A young, dark haired girl sits Indian Style on a bench, with a notebook in her lap…

Her arms are over her head, as she rocks herself

On the pages of her notebook, are words, half poems, horrific drawings, and ink smears where her tears have fallen

In the distance, three girls notice her

Jessy, Elizabeth and Stacey

All fairly popular girls

“What’s wrong with her…” says Jessy…

“Maybe we should try and talk to her,” speaks Stacey

“No… Leave her alone,” says Elizabeth, who indicates they should move on, and stop staring

“So Many Thoughts…”

“Too Many Thoughts…”

“Too Much Responsibility”

The girl known as Tenshi thinks to herself, as she continues to rock herself, her arms still over her head



Tensh is 18 now, and is in college

Carrying many books, she thinks to herself

“Maybe If I Just Learn…”

“Learn… Learn… Learn”

“Hello Tenshi,” speaks a guy’s voice from behind her

She turns to see Greg Norman

She half smiles, nods, and continues on her way

He is shocked that she did not stay and flirt with him

“No Time… No Time”

Tenshi enters her room, and opens her computer

Flipping through earth events on the screen

“Too Much Wrong…”

“Too Much To Fix”

She closes her computer, and falls back onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling… Beyond the ceiling

“I Can’t Do This…”

“I Can’t Change The World”

“It’s Too Much”


Tenshi is working at a coffee house…

Wiping the counter

She is lost in thought

“Water Is So Clear…”

“So Very Clear”

She thinks as she watches the droplets of water on the counter sparkle from the sunlight coming in through the window

“Why is your name Tenshi, if you’re not Japanese?” suddenly speaks a voice at the counter

Tenshi looks up at a Japanese guy in his twenties

He is with two other not Japanese friends

Tenshi doesn’t answer


Tenshi is drawing in a notebook, but isn’t happy with the results

“I could never draw…” comes a voice from a two tables over

Tenshi looks over to see a man in his thirties or forties reading a newspaper

She can not see his face

She continues to draw

“No Time… No Time”

“There’s always time for life…” speaks the voice

Tenshi freezes

“Did That Guy Just Read My Thoughts?”

She looks back, but the guy is gone…

She sees him from behind as he leaves the shop

That’s when she notices a black business card left on his table

She steps over and picks it up… “IF YOU FIND TIME” it says in white writing

And the number (777) 777-7777, and the name Akero

“Akero… Ok, that was creepy”

She leaves the card, and goes back to work



Tenshi wakes up screaming and sweating


She makes her way to the kitchen, opens the fridge, an pours herself some soy milk

She sits down at her table which is in the kitchen, and opens up her notebook

She begins to draw an Angel

It comes out lovely… Not sellable… But nice

“I Can’t Wait Anymore…”

“Working At A Coffee House Isn’t Helping The World”

“I’m A 23 Year Old Woman…”

“And I Know What I’m Meant To Do”

“I Just Don’t Know How I’m Supposed To Do It”

Tenshi looks down at her picture of the Angel, and notices that she’s written the number 7 over and over again, circling the Angel with them…


“I’m not calling some stranger dude at 3am in the morning to discuss the meaning of life…”


Tenshi is laying on her back in bed, holding her cell phone above her

Typed into it are the numbers (777) 777-7777

Her thumb, which has chipped white nail polish on it, is grazing over the call button

“This is crazy…” she sets the phone down on a small table by her bed, leaving the numbers typed in it


Tenshi wakes screaming again…


She is sweating again, wraps her arms around her legs, and starts to cry

At some point she looks over at her phone…


She receives a text…

She  is scared… But picks up the phone anyway

There is only one word


Book Spotlight “I Died Once” by James Mahoney

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My Novella “I Died Once” was Showcased over on Emma Meade’s Site DJ-

Originally posted on Emma's Ramblings :

James sent me an email about his story, I Died Once. With a title like that, I could hardly pass up the opportunity to spotlight it here on Emma’s Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction. Scroll on for the enigmatic blurb and haunting book cover.


I Died Once CoverI Died Once (Novella);

Mady was a Dark Child…

She often sat alone in her bedroom, on the floor… Sorting through this or that, generally some sort of pharmaceuticals.

It’s good that she was never allowed to own a Cat… Or a Fish… Or any other sort of domestic animal, as they would have likely ended up at the end of some sort of experimentation… With drastic results.

It’s not that she’s “mean” for say… No.

It’s more that she is disjointed… An outcast really, from her own home…

From her Mother’s Heart.

Yes, Mady is a dark one… But what else…

View original 85 more words

Mady’s Storm (Chapter XVI) – The End… Is Not… The End

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GangstersMady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

Chapter Nine – Identity

Chapter Ten – Sweet Sounds

Chapter XI – Barry North

Chapter XII – Strange Bedfellows

Chapter XIII – A Club

Chapter XIV – Monroe’s

Chapter XV – The Mob

CHAPTER XVI – The End… Is Not… The End

“I Dream In Black And White…”

“And Speak In Third Person”

“In Fact…”

“I’m Dreaming Now…”

As I approach my Club “Monroe’s” from the street, late into the night…

It is abandoned…


The only light to be seen being the Flashing “Monroe’s” Sign, which almost seems to be shorting out…

As it Flicks on, and almost off, every hand full of seconds…

I reach for the door handle which is cold…

Behind me a rain and mist slowly envelopes the club, and me…

But not before I turn the handle, and go in…

All is Dark…

Save the faint light glow from down the stairs leading into the club…


I hear a sound…

Resembling the noise made when the butcher slams down a large slab of meat onto the block, to be cut into smaller pieces…

I don’t take more than three steps down the barely lit stairs before…


That sound again

Who is it?

Whose down there?

And what is that terrible sound…

As I make my way down the stairwell, the sound continues every five seconds or so

And when I finally reach the bottom of the stairs…

I can hardly believe my eyes

A blindfolded man sits in a chair in the middle of the tabled room, some 25 feet away, hands tied behind the chair…

His back is facing me

Also in the room are two men dressed in black suits…

They do not look friendly

Before I know it


One of the men in black smacks the man in the chair, blood shoots across the room, landing on the floor…

Where there is already blood

I go to scream ‘No’, but suddenly a hand covers my mouth, and a man is behind me, holding me still

“Mady… Wait,” speaks the voice.

It’s Billy

Meanwhile the men continue to issue a beating on the man in the chair…

And that’s when I see it…

Sitting on the closest table is a rustic, leather hat…

The hat…

This hat…

Is my Father’s…

Mady wakes in a sweat, in the bed of her New York highrise apartment…

Which she has kept in addition to the home that she primarily stays in


Someone’s at her door…

Mady gets up wearing nothing, crosses in front of the moonlit window, her form black as shadow,  quickly throws on a black silk robe, and wraps the belt

She opens the door…

It’s Billy

“Mady! They’ve got Mack! he says as he steps inside…

“Oh no…” Mady replies under her breath… Then eyes her black purse

“Father Is This How It’s Supposed To Be…”

Mady and Billy are in the back of her long black Limo

“They say they’re going to kill him unless we deliver half of our profits to them every week…” explains Billy

The Limo tears around a corner, as a hard rain begins to fall almost out of nowhere

Did I Miss Something In All Of Your Teachings…”

“It will be alright Billy… We’ll figure this out,” Mady says as she places her hand on one of Billy’s knees to calm him…

He is sweating profusely…

“Should I Have Never Come Here To The States…”

The Limo comes to a screeching halt in front of “Monroe’s”, and there are four black suited mob thugs standing out front, like some sort of sentry…

Billy and Mady each grab for their door handles, but Mady in turn reaches back without looking, grabbing Billy’s other arm, “No Billy… You stay here… This is my battle.”

She then steps out of the car, carrying her black purse, “But Mady!” calls Billy after her

“Am I Really Just A Young Foolish Girl…”

Mady walks straight by the mob sentries without even casting a gaze in their direction…

They look at one another, then follow her down the stairs to the heart of her club…

“Either Way It’s Only Me Now… You Can Not Save Me This Time”

Mady comes around the corner to see Mack tied up to a chair, facing towards her, his face is bloodied…

Two black suited mobsters stand near him, one rubbing his fist, as he has obviously used it repeatedly…

Mady’s eyes go black…

She steps towards Mack, reaches him, and touches his face, “Mack… I’m so sorry.”

The mobsters look at one another…

The other four mobsters have now entered the room as well, and line its entrance

Mack looks at Mady through the eye that isn’t blood sealed up, “Mady… You shouldn’t have come.”

“I’m getting you out of here,” she says, as she steps towards one of the tables, and removes a knife from a rolled napkin…

With this one of the mobsters steps towards her, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that—” he starts to stay when…

…Mady turns towards him, her black purse dropping to the floor, and aims her silver revolver right at his forehead…




Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

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star wars 2Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

It was May, 1977…

My Brother, Mom and I went to see the Original “Star Wars”

My Brother and My Lives would never the same

That Opening Sequence…

The Size of the Ship

And in Walked My Favorite All Time Villain, Darth Vader

Darth HelmThe Cape, The Helmet, The Voice

The Force…

He’s Affected me forever in regards to Villains

He has, in fact, Set The Bar

And has Lead me Directly to my Theory that

In a Story where there are ‘Good Guys’

And there are ‘Bad Guys’

(Be it Movie, Book or Other)

A Story can only be as good as ‘The Bad Guy’

Cuz who cares if the Good Guy Defeats some Fool, Lol

Check My Theory Out on some of your Favorite Good Guy Bad Guy Films

Flashback to

“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”

That Movie would have been Horrible without Alan Rickman as The Sheriff of Nottingham

(It’s Still Pretty Horrible, and Dated, Lol but Rickman was Hilarious)

Flash Forward to


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Guarantee you, if Loki had been Played by anyone less then him

It wouldn’t have done nearly as well



At the time I saw “Star Wars”, I was 8 years old

And, in Truth, I was more of a ‘Han Solo’ guy

My Bro was into ‘Luke’

Which worked out good in regards to Toys, and/or Acting out Scenes Etc.

But Looking back now, I have really gained an Appreciation for Luke’s Character

He is Hope… He is Light

And I do believe, Visually, George Lucas was inspired a bit by…

Peter O’toole as Lawrence…

The Desert…

The White Clothing, and White/Blonde Hair

Very Luke-esq

Also, did you see Alec Guiness in it as a Sheik?

Probably where Lucas got the idea to bring him into “Star Wars”

Which leads us to… Ben

Enter… The Force

And… Light Sabers

Which are a Simply Elegant Weapon

And Damn Cool Looking, Lol

But I Love Knights, so

The Blend of Sci-Fi, and Knights…


I was Done

But it’s Time For ‘The Man’

He was My Favorite Man…

I wanted to be ‘Han Solo’

Me, and a Million other young Boys, Lol

So a Young Hopeful Hero (Luke)

And an Aging Knight of the Jedi Order (Ben)

Along with a Roguish Pilot (Han Solo)

An Annoying Nagging Robot (C-3PO)

With a Hilarious Beeping Robot (R2d2)

Oh, an a Giant Wolf/Bear Growling Co-Pilot (Chewbacca)

off to Save a Princes (Leia)

From the Coolest Evil Dude in Film (Darth Vader)

Great Start, Right?

Oh, and did I mention the Millennium Falcon?


Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part II)


The Writing Process Blog Tour

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Today I’m participating in a blog tour where authors discuss their writing process. My friend Paige Addams posted last week. You can learn about her writing process here @ Paige Addams

Here we go…

What am I working on?

Chess with Agatha C 2Chess With Agatha;

Agatha is a 17 year old, typical misunderstood girl… Raised by adopted parents who spent most of their time drinking, and disregarding her existence… All that is about to change, when Agatha is contacted in a very unique way, which will lead her on an adventure that will reveal her ‘true’ identity.

“Chess With Agatha” is the First of a Fantasy Novel Trilogy, which I began writing in 2012. At the beginning of 2013, I had it Edited, but than whilst reviewing it with another brilliant Writer, found that it’s just not ready yet.

I’m hoping to work with this same Writer to finish up the Editing, as well as having her do some Wordsmithing for me.

With any luck, “Chess With Agatha” will at last be Self-Published in the next 6 months.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’ve been told that there are ‘Concepts’ within “Chess With Agatha” that are largely original… Something that it isn’t all that easy to do in the Fantasy Genre. You will find that ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are very prevalent within my writing. I was originally planning to be a Film Maker, which I did in fact pursue for three years… Inspired by the First Two Original “Star Wars” Films. George Lucas’s ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are what impressed me most (That and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, Lol). These Films, as well as Films like “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Blade Runner”, lead me towards being the Storyteller that I am.

I Died Once CoverWhy do I write what I do?

I love both ‘Fantasy’, and ‘Sci-Fi’ Stories… Though my Novella “I Died Once” was more of a ‘Human/Suspense/Father Daughter’ Story set in the past… In addition to the “Star Wars” Films, and “Blade Runner”, such films as “Clash of The Titans”, “Krull”, “Legend”, “The Never Ending Story”, “Flash Gordon”, “Labyrinth”, “Time Bandits”, “Conan the Barbarian”, and “Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger”, all played a role in what inspired me to Write. In addition to those films, though I’ve never been a huge Reader, Terry Brooks, whose “Sword Of Shannara” Book I couldn’t put down, very much inspired me. Lastly, Shakespeare’s plays, most particularly “Hamlet”, plays a very vital role in the essence of who I am as both a Film Maker, and Writer.

How does your writing process work?

Through the creation of my “The Written Word” Blog, I developed a method/process that has worked very well for me. “The Written Word” is basically a ‘Writing Journal’ for me, and everything I Post on here either comes right from my head onto paper (Er, Cyberspace), and is not Edited. Or is Written Down, then Posted. Perhaps if I had done better in English, more specifically Grammar, they would be cleaner from the get go… But being ‘Math’, and ‘Creative Writing’ were more my thing, I just let it fly… That said, I see these Posts as First Drafts… Once I decide to Self-Publish something I’ve Written/Posted, I place it all on a Word Document, and clean it up a bit… Only a bit though, as like I say, English isn’t my thing. I then ship it off to my friend, and fellow writer, where she first Reviews it, then sends me feedback on the Story, Characters, Story Clarity Etc.

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderNext she basically does a Line Edit, or what I call a ‘Pre’ Edit of the work. After I make changes based on what she said, I begin the some times rigorous task of finding an Editor. If I work directly with the Editor, such as I did with “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and “I Did Once”, there is no need to Review it afterwords. However, in such a case as with “Chess With Agatha”, where I shipped it off to be Edited, I then Review the results, and apply them as I see fit. Being this was the first time doing this with “Chess With Agatha”, this then resulted in my finding the need to do some more Editing, as well as Wordsmithing (Rewriting of some of the words, for the sake of ‘Clarity’, ‘Impact’, and truly making the most of the Story Concept, and Characters).

Now I know some of you are probably wondering, “What about Rewrites, and or 2nd Etc. Drafts?”. When I wrote my one finished Screenplay, I had, in fact, over 20 Drafts, and had poured hundreds of hours into Rewriting it. With Book Writing, or at least so far, I have chosen not to do this. I suspect the reason for this falls on one theory in particular… I once read that in regards to Writing, it’s best to Write lots of Books, as opposed to just focusing on ‘The Great American Novel’… So to speak. That way if any of your Books is liked, Readers are likely to go back and find your other Books… Thus, nothing is wasted. It’s not that I just want to ‘Pump Out’ Books… However, if I’m not careful, I will end up spending ‘Years’ on just one Book… And that’s not I want to do. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I have ‘Tons’ of Stories that I want to get out there.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my ‘Writing Process’ etc…. Normally I would tell you about some Writers that will be doing this Tour Next Week, but the ones’ I approached were not able to participate… And so, it ends here with mine… However, Paige did recommend more than I, so hopefully they’ll be able to keep this going

Thanks for your Time and Interest


Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Filmmaker (Theme Song)

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Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Filmmaker DJ-

Originally posted on Jade Dark Film Soundscapes:

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DarkJade Watch – Eminem Rihanna Katy

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